5 minutes + action steps


*the song stuck in my head -- gotta love it-- we are learning it at the preschool for the end of the year program --red raincoat -- by courtney campbell.
*loving survivor
*wishing jon was here so we could watch grey's and private practice -- the suspense is driving me crazy
*listening to chirping crickets and such...

--- something that i started with my girlfriends awhile back -- i don't know if it is original or not, but it was new for me...  we were on one of our road trips having our usual conversations about water privatization, homogenized milk, organic vs. non organic, healthcare, bleach & pesticides, children taking apart old electronics, pre-washed salad mixes with poo in them and chickens that never see daylight, etc...  (you'd have to meet my friends to understand this conversation)
basically the fact that there is a lot of really crummy things out there and not a lot that you can do about much of it-- so, since i (and several others who i know) could tend to like to worry about the world and all that is in it, thus driving ourselves crazy...enough was enough.  i can't fix all the problems and worrying never brings results except taking years off of your life and leaving you with a perpetual headache -- enter the "5 minute" rule ( which may also be applied to many other things too ).  5 minutes to worry, fret or complain.  then be finished.  either stop thinking about it or take an "action step."  i find it unrealistic to say "don't worry" -- i've decided that what works best for me is to set a limit to my worrying.  while some things seem to require 5 minutes a day rather than just 5 minutes,  it still limits my ocd worrying tendencies.  i wish i was one of those laid back people who never worried about anything (like if what i just said came out right, if everyone is getting along, did i put sunscreen on my nose or turn off the flat iron before i left the house), but alas, i am just not made that way-- which is why i married someone who is the opposite of myself...  which brings me to the next problem -- the one where i want to be perfect and live in a perfect world where all is happiness, sunshine, and rainbows -- not to mention all natural and organic.   this presents some difficulty when colliding with the reality that is-- and probably is the source of 99.9% of my worries.  ---did i mention that i am also a "fixer" -- yes, so when all is not sunshine and rainbows in my little world, i worry.  and i try to fix.

worrier + fixer = unacceptable state of mind.  enter the solution (or part of it seeing as a complete change of personality is a little hard to order) -- 5 minutes + action step

i really like those two words "action step" -- but then i really like labels too --  there is something about having a go-to phrase that helps me along the way.  so after my 5 minutes are up -- i either need to stop worrying or create (and follow through with) an action step.  i think it is empowering.  it allows some control over something that you may other wise not have (or feel that you have) any control over.  it gives you courage to face obstacles because you are making a choice to act instead of doing nothing, or doing nothing but worrying.


a little catch up

waiting for jon to call me -- i have talked to him maybe a total of 10 minutes a day for the last week and a half -- that's how busy he is right now--so i decided to work on some photos

hard working hubby

i took cupcakes to work for my birthday -- applesauce spice with brown sugar cream cheese frosting

our neighbors yard sale = parking lot in front of our house

garden time?

balloon stampede

love me some kellie time

and michelle too!



i know i am a bad blogger right now-- it just isn't happening at this point --- so just miss me for a bit and i'll be back soon -- or in june, whichever comes first :)

everyone can use a little extra courage sometimes -- and sometimes a little more than a little.  i really enjoy christine kane -- she inspires and challenges me often --  52 ways to build courage:

Here are 52 ways - little and big - to build your courage. Some of them seem completely foolish. But they’re not. They’re just uncomfortable. And that’s the whole point! Success in life is directly related to how uncomfortable you’re willing get. Now, get uncomfortable and go be courageous!


1 - Paint your nails green. (Guys get extra credit for this one!)

2 - Begin to live your life as an “experiment.”

3 - If you’re always spontaneous, plan something in advance and stick with it. If you’re a meticulous planner, do something spontaneous.

4 - Quit your job.

5 - Start a blog.

6 - Take a drawing class.

7 - Learn a new language.

8 - Begin yoga.

9 - Do something tourist-y in your own town.

10 - Get up in the morning after having a bad day yesterday. Encourage yourself to begin again.

11 - Give money away.

12 - Look into people’s eyes when you’re in public - on the street, buying groceries, etc.

13 - Hire someone to do a regular task you can’t stand doing. (i.e., mowing the lawn.)

14 - Play music more. Watch TV less.

15 - Get rid of everything in your home that’s not an Absolute Yes.

16 - Put on a goofy smile and look at other drivers when you stop at lights.

17 - Go vegan.

18 - If you never host parties or dinners - invite friends over for dinner.

19 - Teach a workshop.

20 - Start a mastermind group.

21 - Be bad at something. Do it anyway.

22 - Make requests. Don’t complain.

23 - Join a writer’s group.

24 - Hire a life coach.

25 - In social situations, allow people to talk with you instead of running around the room “networking.”

26 - Worry less. Act more.

27 - Enter a writing contest.

28 - Start your own business.

29 - Ask someone out on a date.

30 - Make a business card for yourself.

31 - Eat at an ethnic restaurant you’ve never considered.

32 - Respond. Don’t react.

33 - Get some music from another culture. Sit down and really listen.

34 - Listen more. Talk less. Especially to your kids.

35 - Take a swing dance class.

36 - Hire a physical trainer.

37 - Start a book club.

38 - Test-drive a luxury car.

39 - End a relationship that drains you or hurts you.

40 - Pray.

41 - Quit smoking.

42 - Take different routes to work each day.

43 - Drive around and get lost on purpose.

44 - Wake up at 5am and write.

45 - Assumptions are the enemy of success. Question them often.

46 - Excuses are the enemy of action. Stop making them.

47 - Admit when you are wrong.

48 - Write a fan letter to someone who’s not famous - a teacher, a grocery store clerk - anyone who delights you or touches you.

49 - Pick one incomplete in your life. (A cluttered garage, for instance.) Tackle it for 15 minutes a day.

50 - Do an open-mic night.

51 - Pay the toll of the person behind you.

52 - Run for President.