quickie --

i've been a bad blogger this week -- is it really friday already? -- not that i'm complaining...it just went by quick/slow  ---like quick, long, very busy days...

i need to do a catch up post with this last weeks pictures, but i have to take lulu to the vet in a few minutes (she has a "traumatic break" on one of her toe nails -- this is her follow up visit) -- on monday, or was it tuesday?... tuesday, i took her in to have it looked at...she had to be put under and have it taken care of and has been sporting a pretty bright pink bandage, pain meds, and antibiotics since...
in the car on the way home from the vet

anyways -- it has been an interesting week that i don't have time to tell you about--- so i'll leave you with a few tidbits
-i have ate homemade granola (made by best roommmate, kim) every morning for breakfast this week, and sometimes for dinner too.
-the floss got stuck while flossing this morning -- it really ruins my flossing experience -- be thankful if you don't have molars that like each other so much that they need to be ridiculously close, or maybe it was from the cavity filling on that tooth... it's always the same one that i get stuck -- i have to have the right grip and angle or else the floss doesn't pull up right and then gets all slimy and gives me a moment of brief panic where i think the floss will never come out...but then it finally does and i give a sigh of relief and make a plan for the next time i floss -- like start with that tooth first...
-one of the precious ones -- its a good guess between two of them -- left me a present this morning on the livingroom carpet -- a trail of vomit - i counted one main pile and then about 13 drip spots -- yep it was lovely...let's do it again tomorrow -- oh wait-- i won't be here, but someone else will....

which brings me to the last tidbit --

i am going to whidbey island this weekend to spend time with five of my favorite girls ...and my favorite minister who married me and my hubby...  my dear hubby, who is finishing up in california this weekend so that he can be in the same state as i am again starting next week...

hope your weekend is lovely -- catch up time at the beginning of the week! 


tonights gonna be a good good night...

all the roommates are in the house ---and so is the dessert

i'm not sure how long we stood in the ice cream aisle -- but as kim said -- "we are all adults -- we each get our own"...we take ice cream choices seriously around here...


new hair is always fun

i know it probably doesn't look any different in this picture -- but it is -- new angled bangs and fun color --  metallic titanium or something like that... 

went to a CAbi party tonight --  like a tupperware/candle party but for clothes
the first one i went to was a few years ago, and i didn't think i would find anything, but the clothes are much more fun in person than they look in the catalog, and my favorite thing is that the fabric is really high quality (as in, keeps it's shape, doesn't hold stink or stains easily) and her pieces always have some sort of cute little detail to them -- worth the money.  There are two lines a year, and tonight i went to scope out the spring '10 items.  when i looked in the catalog i didn't think i would like anything, except a t-shirt -- by the time i finished trying things on, i had a little wish list going... 

((so ladies, i am going to have a party in the next few weeks, if you are in town and interested in attending, let me know, or if you would like to place an outside order --))

it is definitely past my bedtime -- but all i want to do is snack on chips and salsa and whatever else is in the cupboard...cookies, pretzels, cereal...but instead, i am taking my water bottle and i am going to go to bed...maybe with a little nibble along the way???



...what a beauty you were

so pretty outside today.
i loved it.
i loved it.
i loved it.

dinner tonight was a new recipe -- fragrant rice noodles with vegetables -- otherwise known as rice noodles with a lime peanut sauce, leeks, zucchini, and yellow squash ... along with broiled tofu.  tasty.  new recipes are always fun try...and usually worth the wait even when your starving and you finally eat at eight o'clock.

it was light until seven tonight.  seriously.  so great.
watched two episodes of grey's tonight -- tear jerkers -- seriously (can you tell :))

picture from yesterday -- my great find at pier one -- just loving it!  let's have a party! --- seriously---

lulu threw up this morning -- she started doing the lip licking routine and i knew that something was up -- she was going to throw up on her rug and i tried to carry her outside, but she wasn't too fond of that -- so i hurriedly grabbed a hand towel and tried to move her towards outside -- so she threw up on the towel in the hallway...better than the floor.  all that to get out the little piece of plastic she decided to chew on sometime last night -- yeppers.  we have dog throw up parties at our house --i am pretty sure it's about every other day one of them is doing it and today was the third day in a row --- seriously...


and then there are sundays...

since i seems to have written "our weekends 101" the last two posts-- i thought i should just finish it off with sundays.

i love sundays.  a full day to choose between productivity or non-productivity.  generally productivity rules because most of us would agree that it is nice to start out the week ahead... so, unless we are traveling home, our sundays always include several things:
-leisurely drinking coffee or tea & something delicious for breakfast -- biscuits&gravy was last weeks love
- menu planning for the week
-grocery shopping
-vegetable prep for using throughout the week - washing lettuces, cutting cucs, red peppers, purple cabbage
-watch movies (kim says it's true that we usually watch at least one-- it is sunday after all)
-pick up dog poo

after that short list -- it's a toss up between spending the rest of the day doing nothing or being highly productive...

today our house is kind of feeling off kilter because of the time change -- it's 9:15 and we haven't gotten past coffee -- did i mention we almost always get up by 7:30, at the latest, on the weekends -- feels like the day is half over already, but maybe that's just because today has family get together plans, costco run plans, dog walking&training plans, and kicking the cold plans (massive fluid intake scheduled, along with some grapefruit cold zap -oh and did i mention that you probably shouldn't drink this when you have to talk/breath on people -- gives you mad garlic breath)...

3 things:
1.  here is a our menu for the week:  march 14-20th menu 
2.  we celebrated two of our favorite friends birthdays last night at our most favorite whoopemup hollow cafe --  i have been trying to kick my cold (and felt much better yesterday) so portion control was on the dessert menu for me -- but i still had a taste because their desserts are just a-a-amazing... as is there other food, i have never been disappointed.  such a good night with our friends ---

3.  who's excited about the fact that it's going to be light outside until about seven tonight --- me me me!!!


enjoying the morning...

weekend mornings bring something special with them...maybe it is a general feeling of peace and calm, laziness, the ability to choose what you want the day to hold -- at least that's how it is at our house.  we love saturday mornings...the day stretches wide in front of us, full of the promise of a good day -- you might say it is cheesy, tradition or that we just choose to make it so every weekend.  saturday breakfast is a big deal around here.  coffee at 7:30 -- just for the roommates though-- i drank yogi echinacea immune support tea this morning -- still working on kicking out my cold -- , listening to our favorite playlist and looking out the window... then finding a great recipe or making an old standby favorite.

this morning we did all of the above and it has been lovely -- it snowed in the mountains last night an i just can't stop looking at how beautiful it is to see the last hurrah of winter and the showy presentation of spring in the same picture...

two new recipes from this morning...
oatmeal raspberry scones -- we substituted blueberries and tried out bob's red mill gluten free all purpose baking flour  instead of regular wheat flour -- just working on adding a little more variety to our diet -- they turned out quite delicious -- the nutmeg was very flavorful -- wondering how much of a change the blueberries vs. raspberries makes...

in addition to the scones we had quick date-apple-cinnamon oatmeal from the kind diet cookbook -- your basic bowl of oatmeal with some add-ins -- dates, apples, walnuts, cinnamon, maple syrup, steel cut oats (not in the original recipe, just a favorite of ours right now) -- just a sprinkle of each --  very tasty, healthy, and filling -- oh, and quick -- super great idea for during the week -- just put it all in a boil, pour the hot/boiling water on top and add a lid -- on the go or eat it up at home ---

did i mention that lulu likes to cook/beg too?  -- we had an apple catching contest at the end of the meal -- she one, barely -- bridger was pretty close to beating her, might have too if we hadn't run out of apples...

happy weekending!


right now--favorites

sitting in my favorite chair, with my favorite homemade bee quilt, wearing my favorite puffy warm wool socks and grey sweatpants, watching my favorite pooches play, smelling my favorite spring candle scent burning (strawberry rhubarb), anticipating my favorite friday night dinner, burgers&fries, listening to my favorite worship music, chris tomlin, enjoying my most favorite time of the week -- friday sundown -- and thinking how grateful i am that my most favorite (and only) God knows how much we humans need 24 hours of rest set apart from the rest of the week so we can make it through the next week.... (i used my favorite homograph of the moment in that last part... do you know what a homograph is?? ... i'll be honest, i couldn't remember the actual term --its been awhile since my last english class...--and i had to look it up...how about you?)

hope your able to enjoy some of your favorites with a your favorites this weekend...  ok.  i think i'll stop now...really


is it thursday or friday?

this is the question that i have asked myself all day as half the day i have thought it was friday and the other half have known it was really thursday...

right now:
1. watching a disneyland commercial and am almost ready to go again -- really, i love it that much
2. watching a commercial for how to tame your dragon and am quite excited for our spring break field trip
3. survivor! -- anyone for some beach dragon chi?
4. gonna kick my cold out of the house this weekend--  dinner tonight was accompanied by "grapefruit cold zap" from  "the big book of juices and smoothies" by natalie savona --my most favorite juicing/smoothie book ever -- juice 2 grapefruits, 1 lemon, 1 inch of fresh ginger, and 1 clove of garlic

yum -- do you love garlic and ginger as much as i do?


two for tuesday -- things that drive me cRaZy

too much of --- the best chocolate cake ever ---available
we made it this weekend and melissa didn't eat her share

french vanilla reed diffuser
let's talk about my nose for a minute -- when i first got this diffuser, i put all the reeds in it and placed it on the dresser in my bedroom.  i forgot two very important things - one - ...for my nose...it is generally a bad idea to put all the reeds in when you have filled it pretty full if the room is not super large because --two-- ventilation is good when you have put all the reeds in the reed diffuser. 
so, i put it in my room and then closed the door the next day while i was out of the house.  
i came home and the room smelled just like french vanilla -- like it's supposed to right?
well, back to my nose. 
my nose decided that the french vanilla smelled too much in my room
so i moved it to the office
my nose still smelled it too much in the office, even with only three reeds in it and the window open
so i moved it to the dining room
my nose still smells the french vanilla reed diffuser.
kim says she can't smell it at all
--and she had one in her room last fall--with the door closed-- for a long time--
my nose still smells it, and sometimes it gets a big whiff if i stop in the right spot
it makes me want to vomit...almost
but i refuse to take it out of the room.
my nose is just going to deal with the fact that once it decides it's had too much of a smell it doesn't like it ever again-- because my brain has decided that it is going to leave the diffuser sitting into the dining room until the french vanilla smell is no more.
i can smell it right now...


it's a good day -- really

some days you wake up and you don't want to have a good day.  you just want to be cranky because your nose is stuffy and you don't have a voice--you don't want to feel sick and it's raining outside when the last two days were beautifully sunny and shouted "sPrInG --iT's HeRe!!"  --- some days you get news that you don't want to hear, you miss your husband, your jeans you want to wear need washed and you don't like the outfit you are wearing enough... some days you get to the post office and realize you left with everything except the address that you needed to send that package that was the reason that you went to the post office in the first place-- some days work is more chaotic, that there is homemade chocolate cake at home and cupcakes in the staff room that you can't eat because you are trying to not be sick-- and it just feels like a "monday" -- some days you just come home and want to lay in the bed just because ...

some days you get a card in the mail from a dear friend that makes you smile, you appreciate that you have clothes you can wear and that your feet are warm and toasty, you know the people at work make the day go by better, you see the sun come out and watch it go down --- after six ---  you come home and lay on the bed for a few minutes, but then go do yoga, make dinner, and watch an episode of "greys anatomy" with the best roommates you could ever have --  some days, even though you're having a not great day -- you intentionally find the good parts of the day and count your blessings (sight, hearing, toes, fingers, house, health, heat, working car, food, friends, family...) because you know that today, even though it may not be the best, really is the best because it's a today that you were able to have.


taking the week off...

...that's what i did this last week.  sometimes you just need a break.  the week was good.  on wednesday i started to get the sickness that has been going around work (6 people out sick on monday) -- it isn't full blown (just the sniffles and a sore throat right now) and i am hoping to stay mostly well through this next week, if not completely recovered.  we had a nice weekend of relaxing, looking for signs of spring, cooking, and seeing one of my favorites, melissa.  

oh, and before i forget... the winner of the giveaway is  Michelle!  send me your address and i will send you mail

our tea drawer -- yes we like it -- daily drinkers 

in my bathroom -- i love my bright walls and the orange flowers

catch all for bathroom goodies

saturday search for signs of spring

most favorite roommates

 best friends -- unaware of pictures being taken

homemade granola goodness

first compost in our tumbler

p.s. did you notice how different the bathroom paint colors look in the two pictures? -- it is actually a cross between the two--