today is my birthday and i am twenty seven years old. birthdays are so much more exciting when you are 7, but 27 is going to be a good number. today i went to breakfast with a friend at my most favorite breakfast restaurant, clarettes. so delicious and a great way to start the day! then i went to work (because i am not seven anymore, but instead i am an adult and must work on my birthday). fortunately i have a fantastic job and so i played at work-- i played outside with the kids, i played inside...then i made my most favorite dessert, cupcakes, kindergarten style (hooray for funfetti) and shared with my kids, and then, because i am the teacher, we watched one of my most favorite movies (and also one of my kids favorites)--the cat in the hat--. btw, there is nothing better than being greeted with happy birthdays and hugs by 6 year olds, unless it's eating pizza and ice cream cake with family, your friend sending you flowers, or having the best roomates ever surprise you with a cold stone creamery cake they brought home for you from their day trip to spokane.

p.s. today i wore a flower headband (that i made) in my hair, maybe parts of me are still 7 after all...


it wasn't me...

tonight lulu came into the house after some outside time and this is what she looked like...so guilty, but how can you not love her... kim and i just stood there and laughed, and then took pictures of miss lulu and her dirty nose. how do i teach my dog not to dig? it is the new outside fun time as of this last week. maybe i will have to ground her from playing outside...or does that only work with humans?

on another note... it was so hot today that we had to turn on the ac, both at work and at home. still loving meals on the patio, very relaxing, very beautiful! the messerapp household started our new work out program today...official start date for the program is sunday, but we had to try it out tonight. looking forward to bringing it!


10 things --i LOVE weekends (blog lifted from Elsie)

1. started out the weekend with grillers and zesty curly fries...begin food coma --check.
2. went to a fabulous vespers w/ friends - revolution weekend @ university church - pastor tim gillespie from loma linda.
3. woke up saturday to sunshine and monkey nut smoothies (banana peanutbutter yumminess)...who loves smoothies? we do! especially when drunk while driving to the tour of walla walla time trials and especially when trying to keep lulu from licking the empty glass - lulu loves smoothies too!
4. attended another inspiring service by pastor tim and had lunch with fabulous family and friends. homemade lasagna, garlic bread and chocolate cake w/ raspberry filling.
5. saw something new - Brett's new house! and then tried something new-- a prayer labyrinth --at the university. prayer is good for the soul and i really enjoyed the 11 guided stations.
6. headed downtown to Kimberly Miner's Gallery Show (http://www.kimberlyink.com/) at Sapolil Cellars. also saw part of the downtown bike race, they are so fast!
7. Ice-burg --need i say more...
8. first patio meals and bbq of the season .
9. freshly mowed lawn, green grass, and the precious pooches digging hole in the back yard
10. my lilacs are budding and the tulips and daffodil's are up!

ok..and i have to add another...
11. It hit 80 degrees this weekend!!!!!!


our first blog, oh my!

for better or for worse, i have now entered blog land... this could be interesting. after discovering that google had discontinued pages in favor of sites, i decided that jon and i needed a new location for our website. while i have enjoyed our website oh so much, i am excited about our new adventures in blogging for the following reasons: one. it's interactive...hooray for comments. two. who doesn't love to write down all the tiny, nonsense details of life, and the big stuff too? three. um...who doesn't want to read all the nonsense details of my life...don't answer that. seriously though, four. i have decided that blogging is a scrapbookers dream...communication+documentation, and a great way to share with those we love!