we've been in one...have you?

we had a great great christmas. lots of time with family. really enjoying having jon home for a few days. now we have just enough time to clean up and take a quick breath before our next adventure...


it's an 'ice day... two for tuesday

to stay home!

rain + cold = a skating rink on the roads

must be a good day to work on the to-do list instead... so i'd better hop to it.
i stayed up so late last night working on getting out my last online christmas purchases...only 3 more gifts to go...
now on to the things that i was supposed to do last week...oops...

we had a wonderful + freezing time at leavenworth. so great to spend time with good friends!

ordering our 8 very different orders at the starbucks drive-thru -- they were fabulous --- ready + right by the time we arrived at the window = tip + happy us


off off and away...

taking a break this week from the computer. i have been doing some good old fashioned reading instead! we are headed to leavenworth for a fun weekend with friends. it's going to be so warm --possibly might reach a high of 28 while we're there. hope your weekend is fantastic and full of holiday cheer!


10 things--i love weekends!

*burger loaf -- yum
*scrapbooking --almost done with my fall book-working on my december daily
*parade of lights downtown -- fun&maybe a little chilly, just a bit
*brights candy caramel corn and cheese corn, oh my goodness!
*walmart on a saturday night--could we be anymore distracted...
*annual bake day -- rise&bake -- for 13 hrs... i lost count of how many "samples" i had
*annual watching of "white christmas" at annual bake day
*below 20 degree's weather -- wow, it's really warm outside!
*cleaning the bedroom and doing laundry,disinfecting counter tops and scrubbing the kitchen
*burger loaf leftovers -- still yum


right now + sharing

right now:

ignoring that i am an hour past when i was supposed to hop in the shower
knowing it's 28 degrees feeling like 20 outside
anticipating tonight's scrapbooking activities
excited to read the new vegetarian times and plan some great meals
thinking of making burger loaf for lunch tomorrow
missing mr. jon
reading (scanning some) the posts in my reader box
feeling my cold feet
watching the puppies laze around and lulu stand in the christmas tree
deciding on christmas cards, letters, nothing, etc.... too many options

sharing fun-ness found this morning while i was supposed to be doing other productive things:

oh elsie, i wish i was this brave...

holiday book ideas from elise -- how you inspire me!

joy! -- you bring our tummies such joy!

on my wish list: "i'm dreaming of a green christmas" by anna gettyside note: one of my favorites was hired to do the crafts+decor for the book launch


it might have been a productive day...


i accomplished almost all the items that were on my to-do list -- the two that i have left might still get done before i go to bed.

in case you haven't noticed, we are really enjoying the holiday season over at our house. i love coming home to all the cozy.

thursday nights are pizza night -- tonight we ordered from a local chain... lots of red garlic sauce, half pineapple and half mushroom... and of course, a big bowl of salad with homemade ranch. after a year of making homemade salad dressings, i have been ruined on anything bottled. it is so easy. just buy a shaker jar, or two... and find one or two recipes you can't live with out. for us, it is mom's ranch recipe and a basic italian that we make from better homes & gardens cookbook -- which is one of my top "go to" cookbooks for all your basic cooking needs...

tonight we are choosing recipes for our bake day this weekend. there are millions of delicious looking recipes out there... i think i will make some of these

peppermint marshmallows

mudslide cookies

gingerbread pinwheels

peppermint topped brownies

tomorrow is friday -- the weekend is looking nice, full of scrapbooking, baking, and christmas projects!


wednesday wonderment

it might be a good night when you...
--have a fantastic workout
--eat homemade chili and freshly made salsa for dinner
--scrapbook in the living room with your bf while listening to "love actually" and drinking mexican chili tea (it's yummy)
--are warm and cozy in your twinkling house while outside it is crazy cold -- winter has come!
--finish off the night by reading an excellent book admist all the pillows and covers on the bed

hoping your evening was as warm and cozy as ours... what are you doing tonight?


10 things --i love weekends & two for tuesday

catch up day ...

10 things -- i love weekends, especially long long weekends that have holidays, shopping days, birthdays and road trips -- no wonder i've been a little sleepy

1. spokane -- i have missed you -- so good to see riverside square
2. olive garden -- it was a hit with grandma - absolutely amazing that she loved her food!
3. giant poinsettia's
4. decorating for christmas with the roomies
5. the grinch - first christmas movie of the year, loves it!
6. lots and lots of white, twinkling lights
7. family birthday parties for sisters who turn 21
8. vitamin C gummies from costco
9. cinnamon pinecones
10. candle parties with fabulous friends!

two for tuesday --

1. "overboard" -- i have never seen it and it is hilarious -- old school with kurt & goldie
2. dark hot chocolate with smarshmallows (one of my kids from last year calls marshmallows, "smarshmallows" it has definitely stuck with me)

right now