thankful: days 3-11

since i haven't been on a computer for the past week, i didn't post my thankful thoughts...but tonight, i have a few minutes -- jon said i couldn't go to sleep at 7pm...

11.  salsa - we had tacos tonight from a little place - tacos with pineapple salsa.  i love love love salsa.  so amazing.
10.  a safe helicopter ride.  on monday we took a helicopter tour of kauai.  it was amazing.  so amazing that i wasn't even scared because it was beyond breathtakingly beautiful.  i figured if we crashed that at least it would be in happiness.  i was still thankful when we landed safe and sound as the weather was a little crazy this last week.  yesterday a helicopter crashed off of the island of maui (well molokai to be exact) killing 4 tourists and the pilot.  they are still determining the cause, though it is likely that a sudden downpour had an effect.  i was thankful before...but last night i was extra thankful when my sweet dad called to make sure we were ok and told me about what he had heard on the news.  crazy to know that just a few days before it could have easily been you.  anytime, anyone, any place.  i am thankful for each day. each moment. 
9. starbucks pumpkin spice latte's -- especially when they are calming my soul
8. the best gluten free bread i have ever had made into a delicious supper sandwich - freshly made from the living foods market on kauai.
7.little coffee shops that make me happy - little fish coffee in  hanapepe. - your homemade chai and delicious musabi warmed my soul.
6. outdoor dining - especially when you can hear and see the ocean - but my patio at home is just as fabulous
5. nature. beautiful canyons.  fresh pineapple, papaya, and apple bananas
4. macadamia nuts - oh my goodness.  i am an addict.
3. airport staff who go the extra mile to make sure you get on your plane and your bags follow.

we are having a lovely time on our trip.  i don't think i have ever ate so much dessert in a one week period. period.


thankful: day 1 + day 2

1.  lady bugs - i love them -  a couple weeks ago we went hiking and i saw more lady bugs than i have ever seen in all my life - clumps of them (like below)  every where, for miles.  wow.

2.   a friend who help you pack - it went much faster with your help.  thank you thank you kim!

jon and i are going on vacation.
it's going to be good.

i'm not planning on being near the computer,
though thoughts of posting my thankful thoughts are spinning in my head...

until then

chat when we get back??