right now

i am so tired i don't want to move, or even think about moving for that matter... this year i was up at 4:45am to do some shopping. black friday isn't really about the deals for me, although i saved more than a bundle this year...it is about the excitement of the season, the kick off of the christmas holiday -- i had my first eggnog latte from starbucks this morning, listened to my new cd of christmas music, bought amazing wrapping paper, stocking stuffers, and more. and, we went to our favorite place and bought our tree. i think it is our best one ever... the perfect height for our house, tall, and full of fat, plump, deliciously pine-smelling branches.

now i think i will go to sleep...tomorrow we are going over the river, through the woods-- to grandmothers house we go!

it's 5am and i'm singing christmas tunes at the top of my lungs while driving to my next shopping destination

kim and i's cart at joAnn's - they are super super tiny, and we may have found just a few good things

we brought home our christmas tree tonight - lulu has assumed her position for the next 34 days. she likes to massage herself by creeping under and around the tree


wednesday wonderments

*i thought it was friday all day
*it is 12:40am and i am still up
*i got my december daily mini book ready to begin
*menu planned for tomorrow, looking forward to hanging out with my family&cooking
*so thankful for the small things
- i can call my parents and talk with them anytime i want
- i live with my best friends
- indoor plumbing
- fun scrapbooking projects
- pictures, they amaze me everyday with the ability to capture a moment
- big frank sandwiches hot out of the oven
- health for myself, family, & friends
- all of my senses in working order
- a warm beanie on a cold day
- all the "lulu's" of the world
- all things pumpkin, cranberry, squash & yams

wishing you a fabulous t-day!!


two (or three) for tuesday

how does it work that i have been thinking about thanksgiving for quite a long time -- making plans and all of the sudden it is thanksgiving in two days -- and none of my actual "thanksgiving" plans have been put into action -- well, most of them -- like the cute little felt garland i was going to make, and my acorn display, where are the turkeys??
oh well...
tonight, instead of making t-day plans, i came home from work and ate homemade chili&drop biscuits, read a couple chapters of my current favorite read and then decided to have some craft time. i almost finished a quickie layout (almost because i think i am going to add some ribbon) and spent some time on my fall book while listening to my new favorite playlist (compliments of my fab sister jules) and drinking tea...

**the gold around the edge isn't part of the layout, it's the edge of the box i had my layout in...also this picture, as you can tell, was done quickly and with minimal movement, thus the flash and opps it's crooked...it might be past my bed time.**

...this is what the boys were doing -- xbox party in the livingroom


10 things -- i love weekEnDs!

1. disney movies -- UP and Snow White are the weekend picks -- oh i am ready for disney world!
2. t-day dinners with friends -- #2 happened at Kellie's house, such fun to hang with my girls
3. fresh cranberries -- i bought 2 giant bags from costco this weekend to help me last til next year
4. my sister kaitlin -- love that girl -- off to her first banquet tonight - all prettied up, make-up n' all
5. lulu - the snuggle puppy - there is nothing better than cuddle time with my pup when she is in angel mode -- she loves to sleep in
6. german apple pancakes -- the husband made them for brunch - deliciousness
7. my shoes are here!!
8.a fantastic sermon at church this weekend - simply amazing - just love the new pastor!
9. on the dislike side -- still feeling kind of yucky -- hoping it will go bye bye soon
10. so thankful for my family today, that they are all present and healthy. my thoughts and prayers to families who are going through heartbreak right now.


right now

listening to: "this is the air i breathe" by mercy me, and my favorites by jeremy on the ipod
smelling: our "halloween night" mini jar by partylite candles
wearing: raggedy old yellow aeropostale sweats, green tank top, jon's college sweatshirt circa 2006, and smartwool socks
doing: scrapping with my bf and roomie -- working on our may bbq and my fall book!
feeling: kinda punky, with a sore throat & mild head cold which will hopefully be gone tomorrow
drinking: organic spearmint tea


wednesday wonderment

tonight's wonders---

1. why am i still up?
2. what happened to dairy queen?

1. i am working on final plans for our t-day with friends dinner tomorrow night -- it will be a busy, but delightful day tomorrow -- starting off at 6am with a delicious latte and grocery shopping with my very best and favorite girl, not to mention roommate, and then moving on to some cleaning, cooking, play list making and all the good stuff that comes with a get together...

2. i don't have an answer for this -- there are several possibilities... first, the story--tonight the messerapp's decided to have a dq run -- off we went to our local grill and chill -- we started out by ordering 2 blizzards -- turtle & cookie dough -- then we saw the poster for the new nuts waffle bowl, and decided to try that -- someone was ready to eat a lot of ice cream -- the cookie dough blizzard did not have very tasty dough, the turtle blizzard did not have very tasty pecans and the caramel was all at the bottom, the nuts & fudge bowl did not have very tasty peanut butter and only a drizzle of fudge -- so, now that we were quite disappointed, i sent jon to see if they still had my staple favorite, a pumpkin pie blizzard-- and we ordered yet again-- oh the torture when the pumpkin pie blizzard did not have very tasty pumpkin... now for the possible answers

-- 1st - it is possible that we ordered all the wrong things
-- 2nd- it is possible that our dq did not properly cover their food this week
--3rd - it is possible that:
a. we are too picky
b. we have overactive tastebuds
c. we are crazy

-- now i am off to sleep -- with all my heart and prayers going out to a special family in our community during the very difficult and heart breaking time they are currently facing --

i am so thankful for family, friends, and each moment of the life i lead


two for tuesday

goodness-- was it really tuesday today??
i missed monday :( -- but i have the excuse that we were out of town all weekend and most of monday...
it is very much past my bedtime and i am super tired, but thought i would do a quick post --

two favorites of today:

1. we made crockpot mac&cheese for dinner tonight -- simply amazing -- let me know if you want the recipe

2. jon's new droid phone -- it amused me greatly while we waited in line at amazing restaurants this weekend -- i was initially unhappy with the prospect of a higher phone bill, however, i think it might amuse me enough to make up for the extra $$

more to come tomorrow (hopefully) -- we are getting ready for our 1st t-day dinner of the season on thursday... where did november go? it feels like it is already december...


right now--

- in bed with my p.j.'s on.
- pooches are snoozing next to me
-watching a "christy" episode
-packed and ready to go!
-full of crockpot pinto beans and fresh steamed rice
-wondering if lulu will be sick from the garlic she was chomping on this morning
-missing mr. jon
-ready to ride the train -- but not ready to get up at 3am

wishing you a wonderful weekend -- i'm going to portland -- what are you doing??


thursday tidbits & toodles - october

well, since i didn't blog during the month of october, i figured i should probably share some of what we did -- rather than write it all out, i think the story through pictures will satisfy...

this last weekend week celebrated kim's birthday --

the last weekend of october we hosted a harvest party for our friends, we had a photo booth, caramel apples, games, and pumpkin carving --

leavenworth, the pumpkin patch, a surprise birthday for dad, and the corn maze--

the beginning of fall + a trip to boise--


wednesday wonders + photo booth is fun

it's beginning to feel a little like christmas (said in a sing-song way of course) -- i always try not to give in until after thanksgiving -- sometimes it doesn't work, but that's o.k. -- kim tells me that is all the "holiday" season. somehow in my brain it is thanksgiving/christmas and not thanksgiving-christmas... oh the debate, however, since starbucks practically rules the world, and they are already selling peppermint mochas and eggnog lattes... it might all be a "holiday" season wrapped up and tied with a bow--
... and with holidays comes the joys of "sharing the holidays" -- the ever familiar -- "it's my families year" -- "it's your families year" bucket of fun -- jon and i have it fairly easy and it usually isn't a headache, however this year, my little sister has added in her "sharing of the holidays" -- apparently this year is "our year" for thanksgiving... which means our whole family christmas will be sometime in the middle of the week after christmas -- i would say "o bother" except i am pretty sure i did the same thing to my parents in 2002-- eeegads...

so the wonder (as in "i wonder") of the day is... is it a sad or glad that i already have my christmas movies scheduled on my december calendar, along with looking at christmas lights, gingerbread houses and more?!?!...

speaking of christmas -- i love love this site for cards-- minted: the freshest designs on paper


10 things--i love weekends!

--weekends with my husband - i'm quite the fan -

-- outside my window it is a little dark, the leaves are rustling and it feels like fall --the perfect day to stay in my pajamas, burn deliciously scented wax, drink hot drinks, watch movies, and relax...
-- trying new recipes is the best adventure - our "reine" aka the chocolate torte - was delish!

--food ...let's be honest, a central part of the weekend - jon made puff pancakes, we had burger loaf and roasted garlic mashed potatoes, then veggie "pigs in a blanket," homemade salsa and cinnamon buns -- **stuffed**
--current fav: grocery shopping at safeway while sipping a decaf short soy pumpkin spice latte
--a birthday party for you best friend and roommate -- complete with a game of "clue: the office"
--staying up until a ridiculous hour of 3:30am
--watching movie after movie after movie: the little mermaid (with a 3 yr old), the proposal (the dance scene is my fav), taking of pelham 123 (old school with travolta and d. washington), mary poppins (makes the medicine go down), the proposal (again while filing papers)... yes, it was a bit of a movie weekend...
--sabbath lunches with friends
--pbs documentaries -- we are watching a series on native americans right now ,netflix via the xbox is the best!


right now

sun is streaming through my orange curtains and leaving the room with a soft glow.
puppies are snoozing on the bed.
jon is using the forklift outside and unloading a truck.
my laundry just finished and is ready to be switched.
i have 172 unread posts in reader.
i have 30 items on my to-do list.
i haven't made it to the dry cleaners yet this week.
i am already planning holiday activities for december--almost ready for a gingerbread latte
i didn't wake up with a sore throat this morning.
miss lulu smells clean and lovely.
i am still in my p.j's
happiness is knowing that i get off at 4pm today
we have a birthday party in the house tomorrow for this sweet girl that i love dearly


thankful moments

well, apparently october wasn't the month for blog posts-- i have been so very busy, and then trying to get extra sleep and stay well in my down time moments...we'll see how well november fairs...

fall is my favorite season. october through january are my favorite months. this fall especially, i have been soaking up the moments -- loving the "fallness" of it all. i seem to be soaking up a lot of moments lately. it is good. i tell my kids at work that november is the thankful month and we sit around and talk about the things we are thankful for -- moms, christmas, food, toys...
i am thankful for so many things in my life. my family. my mom, my dad, sisters and brother. my family by marriage -- mom, dad, sisters, brothers, niece and nephew. my roommates. our precious puppies who come sleep next to us and give wet nose kisses in the morning. tea. health. photographs. food & warmth. friends. my job. cooking dinner at night. candles burning. my husband... and so much more... take a moment to be thankful tonight, let's not take it for granted.

story time:
tonight we were having messerapp family time and watching CSI -- i asked mr. jon if he would bring me my water bottle from the kitchen-- he brought it-- empty. i gave him the "look" -- he disappeared into the kitchen and came back a minute later with my water bottle -- gave it to me with about a 1/4 cup of liquid in it. I give him the "look" again and set the bottle beside me...a few minutes later -- he says "aren't you going to drink your water i brought you" -- the "look" again. another minute goes by -- jon takes my water bottle, opens it -- i say " don't drink out of my bottle" with the "look" --without touching it, he dribbles liquid into his mouth -- not water, but MiLk! uck.
-- to understand this funny of this story you must understand how much i detest milk. -- i say " you contaminated my water bottle" and give him the "look" -- my nice husband chuckles, then goes to the kitchen and brings me back a new, full of water, water bottle.

we had a harvest party last saturday night -- it was great fun -- oh, and take a look at my new piece of red dining room furniture -- that was my project last week!