in my make up bag

(check out this ny times article on their latest campaign: Beauty Might Not Be Blind, but the Casting Call Was)

for the past few years i have used Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals products.  i just love them and continue to love them even more.  i have never really been one for "make up" other than using it to liven up my "morning" look ... i don't really "play"  and i've had the same routine for the past -- forever...

i was introduced to the line when my sister-in-law started carrying it in her salon, MisBehaven.  i went to a salon event where a company rep gave me a mini make up make over and an introduction to the products and i decided i was in love.

*the products are easy to use
*possibly more or less than you usually spend, but a quality product
*long lasting
*most have an amazing rating with the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Database
*fun - i heart the kits + brushes (the cheapest way to buy brushes is through a kit - double goodness)


the reason it's on my mind is because kim and i went to a make up party at the salon on sunday evening.  we had an amazing time.  two wonderful estheticians/make up artists (kael and ciara) , a talented hair stylist (brittany), girls, pizza, and great make up made for a fabulous evening.   we cleansed, we had our make-up done, we had our hair done, we ate, we chatted, we shopped... and then kim and i left for a night out-- at wal mart (yes, we are a little lame and didn't stay out late).

i learned how to back-comb, how to put my hair in a side bun, and how to use some new bare minerals products and several make-up techniques.  fabulous.



i was so very proud of myself - because the next day, after a little trial and error, i recreated my look...
this was an unheard of feat in my book

thank you thank you Misbehaven team + our sweet hostess!

p.s.  we had so much fun we've decided to host our own party later this season - if you live near to us and our interested let me know and i'll make sure you get an invite



May your weekend be as lovely + relaxed as Winter's

...expecting a call from my mother right.  about.  now.


one saturday afternoon

we took some hot chocolate.  we took a camera.  we took some photos. 

embrace the season


hello wednesday

so awhile back i used to blog a lot
those would be those good ole' summer days

the days before my iphoto crashed and i thought i had lost all my photos and it was horrible
beyond horrible

then it was almost fixed for a few weeks
now - as of this weekend
 it is fixed


i have pictures again
i can share my pictures again

it is good.

3 links for you tonight

1. We Can All Become Job Creators - helping create jobs one coffee cup at a time.  love it.  i will support it.

2. Amazima  - a friend shared this tonight - i added it to my list of favorites

3. Notes from a Dragon Momma  - this is sad, but i also find it inspirational


finding our rhythm again

i love fall.
it's my favorite.

coming home after four months away

i finally put all my food away that i brought home
i only have three boxes left to unpack
i dusted my bedroom

progress is being made


the fall decorations aren't out yet 
and it's the middle of october.


we are enjoying the season
caught up or not

the sight of holiday magazine covers make me oh so happy

we had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast yesterday
(they are a gluten-free recipe - i added an extra egg + water, i did not add the sugar)

we had pumpkin spice latte's this morning.

we played in the leaves while drinking hot chocolate yesterday.



enjoy it!

enjoying this playlist this morning: elsie's autumn playlist