last week + the weekend

tuesday -- sandals!

wednesday -- love these beauties in my backyard + cabi party fun in the evening

thursday -- tax day -- jon taking pictures = beautiful

friday - thank goodness -- began my book - 860 pages -- finished it saturday 

saturday - jon said it was time for his australia favorite again - warm jelly doughnut& vanilla ice cream

sunday - we spent the day in the car and a few hours at friends wedding -- garter toss -- they just watched it fall...  time for a redo

reception buddy/bff/roommate

monday - spring beauty outside my bedroom window 

monday night - popcorn+"2012"+ blog updating


lilacs outside my window

i haven't been feeling so sunshiney the past few days -- but these beauties put a smile on my face -- they popped open over the weekend and i discovered them yesterday morning.  they are one of my absolute favorites.

the sun is out today.  i hope it stays out and keeps the day bright-- both for me and the poor soul who was just pulled over by an undercover sedan clad stater and is getting a ticket right outside my window. bummer.  don't speed on my road.  joggers + undercover staters...


10 things--i love weekends!

1.  a weekend with no plans is the best kind
2. friday night burger, fries, and onion rings --because my roommate loves me -- for dinner.  tradition is good.
3. pooches in the back -- bridger is not a fan of riding outside -- poor boy was not as excited as lulu --

4. running to watch the sunset at my favorite spot in town --

5. went to vespers to hear the a cappella group Rescue
6.slept in -- or at least jon did -- had lunch with the parents -- walked lulu downtown and met some new friends -- she (lulu) did... she meets new friends all the time --this time she met ali walker -- a local photographer who was taking pictures of feast walla walla -- and also some of lulu... i don't know if she was able to get a good shot as all miss lulu was interested in doing was trying talking to her...to see if she could get a pet or two...  -- i didn't get any pictures on our walk -- but ali, who takes beautiful photos, put some up on her blog - check it out! (and if you do... we sat right in front of that sign for walla walla wine works and listened to the great live music that was playing while drinking our favorite san pellegrino limonata)

7. watched cute comedy with husband -- who is home for a bit! -- management
8. laundry, cleaning, menu planning, grocery shopping, exercising, eating 
9. lots of cooking today -- because on saturday -- while jon was sleeping in -- i was able to read and browse through my books...

loving the kind diet -- even more than i did a few months ago -- read through it again saturday...i just love the way alicia writes- she makes me laugh, plus, all the recipes i have tried have been delicious so far.  this afternoon i made "moms granola" -- i am on a granola kick right now -- oh yum!

you can also catch alicia at her blog: the kind life

my other favorite cookbook of the moment is flying apron's gluten-free and vegan baking book.
today i made the lentil dahl soup to have for lunches this week -- i really loved it -- but i also love curry...  i also tried her house bread -- i think i am going to have to try it again, as it was overbaked, though still edible, just a little crusty -- i think i formed it too long and narrow...  we'll see...  sometime, soon hopefully, when i am seattle -- i will stop by and visit the flying apron and try the goodies for "real"

10.  catching up on blogging and project 365 --

so good -- so hard not too eat too many...

the bag is home to stay for a bit...and the husband too!

hope your weekend was lovely too!


just another tuesday night


bought birthday presents
had our carpets cleaned -- he left andes mints, spot cleaner, and personally signed card thanking us for our business...plus really clean carpets-- can we say fabulous
accomplished one or two more things on my list

kim ate a yellow peep, i ate a yellow peep.  kim didn't finish hers -- quote: "never had a peep before, never having a peep again"

came home with a headache -- kim had a headache too  (yuck, hers is more a migraine)

called for take out from our favorite thai place (owned and ran by a husband and wife in a space that's about the size of my living room and dining room) at six -- he said "nope can't do it" -- gonna be over an hour -- i said sure, we want it in an hour anyway -- he said -- call back at seven.  kim and i eat easter candy.  seven on the dot, i call back -- i say '"can you take a take out order now" -- he tells me to give him the order -- he's going to be overwhelmed but he'll take it -- he'll call me when it's ready.  kim and i eat more easter candy and some sun chips.  7:45 it's ready-  8:00 -- we can eat!  the wife, she's the cook, even sent us a few egg rolls as a thank you for waiting so long -- it was worth it, even without the tasty egg rolls -- i've never had thai food that i love as much as hers.

drinking tea, watching grey's with the roommates, and almost ready for bed.  so tired this week and fighting a cold.  tomorrow is wednesday.  almost thursday -- jon comes back home.  almost friday -- the beginning of a weekend with no plans but to vegetate.


easter easter

the bags i carried today, plus the water bottle, plus another book bag --ridiculous--

the weekend was good.  busy.  very busy.  but good.  i am tired.  can it be friday again?

this friday:

i bought plants
i planted plants -- here are some of my planters getting a spring cleaning 

we had the first bbq of the season?-- at least i think it was the first-- maybe the second?? --first--

amy brought cheesecake -- oreo cookie crust -- delicous... when trying to put it in the fridge, i didn't realize that it wasn't clamped, thus dumping it on the floor...landing upside down of course-- sad story

we also went to see the clash of the titans -- in 3D -- 


happy easter morning!
we hosted brunch at our house for all of our family -- i think we had 26 people altogether 

blueberry cornmeal pancakes with mixed berry sauce
raisin bran, banana, and morning glory muffins
tator tots
chile egg casserole
fresh sliced pineapple, oranges, and crisp purple grapes
apple cider, coffee, and hot drinks
 lots of easter candy

it was very windy outside -- gusts up to 44 mph
jon thought it was a great time to go fly a kite

late afternoon we drove to see kellie and celebrate her birthday
with delicious thai food 
i like these girls a lot

jon and i ended our night by playing catch up with our favorites - private practice and grey's anatomy
it was a good night

this morning came too early
jon off to california
me to a dr.'s appointment
i had to get an x-ray of my foot
i get to go to the podiatrist at the end of the month

hope your easter weekend was fantastic!


catch up...

picking up where we last left off...

                 last last friday--jon put our heater together...so ready for porch time!

saturday - watch a helicopter land in the front yard...
eat the first strawberry shortcake of the season...
date night walking downtown with the husband -- dinner at our one of our favorites
sunday&monday - make this face...
after this happens -- because you actually did step in a bucket of paint...

while doing this...

tuesday& wednesday - signs of spring!

thursday - drive home... love view-- minus the dirty windshield...

friday - blog about flossing -- leave for a weekend on whidbey island

saturday - have an amazing time with a few of my most favorite people ever
sunday - wake up and eat leftover chocolate birthday cake with friends

which brings us to this week --- monday morning - at 2 a.m. -- awoken by husband entering room, surprising me and almost provoking violence to said "intruder" as he wasn't expected back until later in the week -- have roommate reunion party and watch 
cry a bucket of tears -- highly enjoyable movie experience to be repeated

tuesday -- come home, eat, soak in tub, read a chapter of book, go to sleep at 8:30 -- tiredness

wednesday - date night -- walk downtown with lulu, eat pizza from favorite pizzeria 

thursday -- walmart excursion to pick up supplies for hosting our family easter brunch -- side tracked by trying on easter dresses -- erupting into ridiculous amounts of laughter at our matching easter outfits -- must take picture-- under threat of friend not speaking to me anymore -- but really... honestly... we are smokin' hot -- gotta love the socks, shoes, and sweats...they really make the outfit...
also, trying to survive the immense disappointment of survivor tonight -- boston rob -- sorrow&tears...boohoohoo...

such a long break from blogging was not intended -- gonna be honest when i say i have had zero motivation to be on the computer for the last two weeks -- hopefully back to our regularly scheduled program now :)

tomorrow is friday -- i am so excited.