10 things--i love weekends!

1. friday night = go to bed early fabulousness
2. taking lulu for a walk with the husband, who likes to stop for cupcakes
3. celebrating the roommates birthday
4. celebrating the roommates birthday in spokane
5. celebrating the roommates birthday in spokane at our most favorite pizza place, bennidito's
6. celebrating the roommates birthday in spokane at our most favorite pizza place , bennidito's, eating too much and then topping it off with a trip to coldstone creamery.
7. loving sunday and all it's productivity
8. finishing up my 9th load of laundry -- only a few more to go
9. watching easy virtue  and just love love loving it -- colin firth  -- need i say more -- we were thinking it was going to be a possible dud, but are highly entertained
10.  cooking curried sweet potato and lentil stew for tomorrows lunch --smells delicious!

home from the grocery store

my favorite cookbooks today

the menu is made for the week -- it is fairly simple, i looked in the cupboards to see what i had and what i needed to use -- it is a good starting place...

our menu for the week:  March Menu #1

hope your weekend was as fabulous as ours!

oh oh oh -- don't forget to enter the giveaway -- jon has been coming up with many brilliant ideas for what to give!


party night

thursday nights are party night at our house -- especially when all the roommates are home.  tonight we had our homemade pizza again -- pesto, garlic, red sauce, ricotta cheese, onions, mushrooms, and mozzarella... to balance it out -- we had our vegetables in liquid form.  kim made fresh juice for us - beets, carrots, celery, and apple.  we laugh at the irony of our food choices.  now my tummy is full full full.  on tuesday night we started watching the first season of grey's anatomy.  the roommies aren't acquainted with our friends at seattle grace -- we had to remedy the problem... and... thursday nights are also survivor nights!  i haven't watched survivor since -- well a long long time ago -- but this season is good -- heros vs. villains... missing stephanie and loving boston rob -- and how interesting is russell??... 

who's happy it's friday tomorrow?  me me me!

this has been a great week, and a long one.  tonight we had a spaghetti feed & science night at work for all the kids and their families.  i love the chance to get to know parents just a little bit better, and the kids have a great time with the activities.  one of mine was cornstarch&water goop -- i love it, it amuses me greatly.  today was not a sitting down day -- i am pretty sure that i only sat for about 65 minutes total between the hours of 6:45am-6:30pm -- guess what i'm doing right now...

jon kept letting lulu up on the couch with him tonight -- i think i made enough noise about it because they are both on the floor now....

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100 + giveaway + africa

this is my 100th blog post. 
i didn't think i would keep blogging -- but i seem to like sending my random thoughts out into thin air -- or maybe i should say internet air.

my 100th blog post is going to be short, because i can't concentrate on writing as i am too enthralled with one of my favorite movies of all time...

jon and i had the "twister" experience when we were in orlando -- at universal studios i think--
it was also quite fun --though not a good picture taking experience -- can you see the twister in the picture?

-- because 100 is a number to be celebrated -- i think i will do one more giveaway -- i don't know what i am going to giveaway yet, but it will have something to do with the number "100" -- winner will be chosen on monday -- to enter --
1. leave a comment telling what you would like to have "100" of -- don't just say money people -- boring...
2.  subscribe to our blog -- for a double entry --

i am still working on posting jon's africa photos, but here are a few more

now, i gotta go...
"we got cows"


two for tuesday

tonight we made salsa -- it was a modified version on our usual, however, still delicious on our haystacks...my life would not be complete without haystacks...they are their own food group.

i am just loving loving these double sided chrochet dish scrubbies made by girl i went to highschool with.  she has an etsy shop, yorisparrow,  and makes some of the cutest things -- also, i am just in love with her little girl pillow case dresses...especially this one:

and this one

now all i'm missing is the little girl...

hope you evening is going well -- today i have thought it is every day but tuesday...
are you watching the olympics? i'm going to watch til i can't keep my eyes open any more... i might make it to 9:30--- hmm...


candle closet, a winner and food chewing

well, i didn't take a picture earlier, so---  i might have to show you a picture of my "candle closet"
yes.  it is messy, but organized.  yes, it is a catch-all for random decorating & entertaining items ....totally getting side tracked by "couples retreat"   -- back to the closet -- yes it is 85% filled with partylite products...  did i mention that i worked for a partylite consultant for a year and a half, and that my mom was a consultant at one point too...however, most of my items were earned by hosting parties  (which is my favorite because i love love having everyone over to socialize), and also bought while socializing at friends parties... i switch out my holders every month or so, and kim and i burn candles almost every night -- it is a well- used closet... i cleaned it out last month, but guess i could have straightened it up before i took the picture--then it wouldn't be "real life" would it --

and now, the winner of the candle giveaway is.... (from random.org)  Tiffani!

Tiffani said...

I love a hot bubble bath with lavender candles burning! I love party lite candles too!!!! My favorite candles??? Hmmmm you should be asking which ones I don't like! Wait I love them all!!!!

tiffani, make sure i have your current address so i can send you your package!
in other news, jon is in california right now -- apparently it wasn't a good day for the truck --  -- i can't remember the whole story he told me, but it involved the 4-wheeler, the fork lift, a dented tail gate, a broken strap and a broken back window -- hopefully the rest of his day went better, for his sake and the truck. 
lulu threw up this morning, luckily outside, now she is chewing on her foot -- she gets a little obsessive about it at random times...


right now--

-watching ice dancing -- yes, i do love it most of the time - especially the davis/white team this year
-taxes - they are such fun that i want to have someone else do them--maybe they want to pay them for me too?
-smelling some sort of divine just desserts three wick by partylite --  you can still enter the giveaway
- excited for my sister -- she found her wedding dress today -- really... my little sister is getting married!!!
-sleepy - so tired tonight -- it was a great weekend, but can we have one more day again?
-missing my husband already -- love how he was home for a couple days and then left again -- bright side-- he'll be back again in a few days -- welcome to the life of a beekeeper's wife

i caught up on some pictures from this last week...

jet lagged -- but back in his own bed

thursday night two of my friends and i went to Misbehaven Spa & Salon's Bare Minerals Event. 
it was great fun, and educational, to watch and listen to the Bare Escentuals makeup artist and to have a color match and personal make up session.  personally, i would prefer to not have to wear make up, however, genetics have blessed me with a daily need for concealer and a little mascara doesn't hurt.  i have been using the bare minerals line for the past few months and, after getting used to a new technique, i am completely in love with the products.  my favorite part is that their foundation is all natural and includes sun protection, plus, it feels weightless and takes me less than 5 minutes to put on.

aren't they silly -- sleeping together in bridger's crate

ever since my california trip last weekend, all i want to eat is homemade pizza -- saturday night we made some -- organic olive oil & basil spaghetti sauce, pesto, mushrooms, onions, and mozzarella&ricotta cheeses.  it was amazing -- even burning hot (which it was as we were eating it in the car on our way to go see shutter island and valentine's day)

today kim and i headed out to her aunts house for a day of scrapbooking.  it was lovely and distraction free.  she even fed us her favorite soup recipe and toast with homemade grape jelly...oh and maybe a funfetti cake (her grandson is visiting).  i was able to complete my fall book (finally, minus adding ribbon...), and two of my friends wedding layouts, along with another layout -- happiness.

--now it is past my bedtime, but i was able to watch some great olympic moments, catch up on a few things, and .... lose all my coherent thoughts because i am too tired...whoops.


who let me... (and my first giveaway!)

play with photo booth?

mirror mirror on the wall --- who's the fairest of them all??  me playing with photo booth of course!  heehehe -- oh sometimes you just need something to make you smile when the world is pounding on your head.

hope your weekend is lovely and relaxing.  i plan on not doing anything for at least 27 hours...

by the way -- i am wearing my simply lavender neck pillow -- it is from PartyLite and i love it oh so much, especially when i need to soothe away aches, pains, and stress -- throw a party, and earn one for free -- i know a great consultant if you need one (just let me know i will get you the contact info)...  seriously - if you love great, cleans up off the carpet, smells amazing, looks amazing, plus burns to the very last drop at a wax temperature that won't hurt your skin candles, or quality candle holders, or a great line of home spa products, PartyLite products are hard to beat, not to mention their hostess rewards program is the best -- maybe sometime i will show you a picture of my candle closet...maybe...

not sure if you believe me, or just want to get a cute little package in the mail?
i am going to give away 1 gift bag full of PartyLite goodies-- here's what you need to do to win:

1. leave a comment telling how you soothe away your stress or which PartyLite product is your favorite
2. if you haven't already, subscribe to our blog! (note: if you subscribe through your email - make sure you click on the link they email you to confirm the subscription)

winner will be chosen at random on monday morning (or by default if you are the only one who leaves a comment... :))


just a taste...

my husband came back from africa today.  i was so excited to see him -- now he is sleeping after being awake for over 24 hours.  we looked at all his pictures and things that he brought home from the trip.  he had a wonderful time with his aunt and cousins--a once in a lifetime trip.  i am so glad that he was able to go -- it is the best to hear him as he talks about what he experienced and his reactions and passion that he now has for africa and the people.  he was able to visit a masai village, an african school, a coffee plantation, and go on a hot air balloon ride...plus more.  
now it's back to the real world and work in the morning-- which is good, just maybe not quite so exotic


it's almost wednesday...

hooray for the hubby coming home tomorrow!!

leaving for the weekend is always great -- it's the coming back that is a little harder ... like the 300+ posts in my reader, the menu that needs planned, the laundry that needs done, the mail to go through, bags to unpack...however, i really don't mind all of that -- the only really daunting task is my reader and it might be as easy as clicking the "mark all read" button...

my road trip with the girls was fantastic.  we had a great time.  i don't really know how it works to spend 28 out of 48 hours in a car and still have it be on the really relaxing side -- i think it is the friends.  i have the best friends.  don't you?  we sit around the house and just chat and enjoy each others company(seriously, we didn't even watch a movie).  this trip centered around our new love -- baby sienna -- she is the sweetest.  when we weren't watching and playing with the baby, we looked at decorating books, read a books, talked about gardening and looked at the seed catalog, chatted about all things, and walked the loop through the vineyards...oh, and ate -- it was definitely a snacking trip.

one of my favorite things about these trips to california is the stimulating conversation -- while i am the first to say that i prefer to not focus all of my thoughts on tough issues, i do like to discuss and find encouragement for growth and action.  for example:  our friends have been eating mostly all organic for the past couple of years.  they are members of (and do most of their shopping) at their local co-op and farmers market.  i find this quite inspiring  (action step, i visited my local co-op today).  this trip, our discussions centered on fair -trade, child trafficking, where does your food come from?  how safe is it?  should you drink homogenized milk (action step-- i bought local organic non-homogenized milk at the co-op)?  it makes my head spin...that's why i came up with the 5 minute rule -- 5 minutes to think about it, dwell on it, solve it, or make an action step -- then move on with life.  we can't fix all things, but we can make a difference.  i want to enjoy my life to the fullest and yet also strive to live a healthy, earth friendly- people friendly version.

over the next few weeks i am going to be:
*living local
*living creatively
*living with intent

looking for an action steP?:
tomorrow begins the beginning of the 40 day challenge -- blood: water mission -- can you go forty days only drinking water?  take up the challenge -- drink only water for 40 days and donate the money you would normally spend on other beverages to support water projects in uganda.

and a few pictures from the trip
what's a road trip with out a stop at Trader Joe's and a box of truffles?

isn't she precious?  just love love love her...

our trip wouldn't be complete with out a trip to the co-op

thank you chris for cooking for us -- it was amazing as usual -- especially the pizza

self-timer pictures at the gas station are fun...especially when you think it already took the picture and then realize it didn't...

and last -- my picture of the day -- tonights craft project -- all i can do is laugh at myself and be glad no one was here to witness my glue disaster except for the roommates


la la la love day - at our house

*i am packing-- or am supposed to be-- to leave in the morning to see my favorite kari, chris, &sienna baby...road trips with your best girls are...simply the best -- not to mention the in-and-out stops--
*i am watching survivor -- i am addicted -- i haven't watched since the last hero's vs. villains or whatever it was -  how long ago was that? -- now--completely enthralled, completely

on sunday, after rearranging the living room, we decided we should make it a little more pink for the holiday -- into the craft room i went to see what i could come up with -- i spent an hour and a grand total of $2 -- keeping it simple this year

the banner is from house of three: valentines banner printable kit

here is the picture from sunday --  rearranging/spring cleaning

i got an email from jon today -- he is having a fabulous time -- i miss him.  last night i was looking through some of our wedding pictures...what a great day it was with my best boy. i sure like him a lot...

photos were taken by kimberly miner -- she is amazing and has a wonderful way of viewing the little things, and the big too -- check her out at kimberly ink

i am off for a few days to have a lovely time -- hope your long weekend is wonderful as well!!


it must be time for bed...

--i forgot to upload my photos earlier and i am just not motivated to do it right now -- only a word picture tonight--
-this morning i woke up at 4:18am--and could not go back to sleep
-i cleaned, i ran errands, i went to work
-tonight i met up with some of my dear friends at our favorite starbucks for some long overdue girl time -- we talked so much and so fast that we couldn't believe it had only been 45 minutes when we looked down at our watches
-productive morning = lazy evening
-spaghetti, salad, "a good year", and fresh baked "inside out" cookies (chocolate cookies w/ white chocolate chips - and we threw in some milk chocolate chips too!)

-now i am beyond ready for bed and some sleep - today was the 3rd day that i have had less than 8 hours of sleep a night -- crankiness is imminent (since finishing college, less than 8 hours is not an option on a regular basis)


the tuesday that was really a monday...

tonight i am watching last nights episode -- even though i already saw the headlines -- i still have hope

tonight i saw this girl -- i like her a lot -- and i like this picture a lot - and yes, i know it is blurry

tonight i would like to have a milk&cookies party 

today was a "monday" in disguise
- my lower back was in pain all morning -- thank you sunday
-i seem to have misplaced my paycheck--somewhere--i will probably find it sometime (ihope)
-i paid bills
-in a hurry this morning, i thought i grabbed my 2 lunch containers out of the fridge this morning and put them in my book bag to take to work -- but really i only happened to grab 1 of them--the other, which i found out 2 hours later-- was the container of pico de gallo, which was not solid (and wouldn't spill like my real lunch container ), which leaked into my book bag onto catalogs and library books (luckily just the bottom of edge of two of them-- thank goodness i had junk mail in there) and then through the bag and onto the leather seat -- maybe jon won't notice the salsa smell when he gets back??
-i hung up on my husband 22 seconds into our phone call -- did i mention that he was calling me from a hotel in africa at $5 a minute?? -- luckily he called me back for another minute (he saw a giraffe today--in the wild!)
-quite short staffed at work this afternoon (4 people out sick) = a hectic beginning of the afternoon - thank goodness for ice age 3 --  and many happy 6 year olds
-my eggs weren't poached hard at breakfast this morning -- just say no to runny eggs

there were some really great things about today
-i had breakfast with one of my favorite people
-breakfast was delicious - minus the semi-runny yokes that i took out and put on the side of my plate
-i got to talk with my husband!!
-i watched ice age 3  while coloring with fantastic 6 year olds
-i talked with my mom and my sister - i like them
-i am going to bed before 9 o'clock
-i am alive, healthy, blessed


just two--or three

here is my picture from thursday -- which happens to be the last time i posted --

pink playdough is a-a-mAzinG

i spent friday and saturday with the husband - we had a lovely time just hanging out, having lunch with the family and watching our favorite shows - grey's anatomy & private practice
then we had a not-so-fabulous-but-still-exciting-time packing his suitcases for his safari
sunday morning i left him at the airport -- as of this morning, he is safely in africa
the rest of sunday was spent re-arranging the living room--e-gads--it was a lot of work -- 
lots of windows (to avoid placing furniture in front of + multiple pieces of furniture = lots of failed attempts to finally get a working one)
then came the superbowl, nachos with homemade pico de gallo, and decorating for valentines --which brings me to todays picture

this is saturday's picture -- it is jon's first stop on his trip and where he might be right now

sunday's picture will have to come later as i haven't uploaded from that camera yet--
i won't be posting as much this week -- too many things that i want to get done before i head out to go see my favorite kari+chris+sienna -- so eXciTed!!


it's a roommate party at our house

jon came home tonight
we have a pesto pizza and a garlic red sauce with mushrooms & onions
3 containers of ben&jerry's -- 2 are brand new flavors!
1 great movie - "my life in ruins"

no picture tonight -- i forgot my camera at work -- we made play dough today--pink for valentines day and stamped hearts (and finger painted ) with pink, red, and purple -- have i mentioned that i have the greatest job & the greatest co workers & the best group of kids

hope your night is great too -- happy almost friday


pandora's box--or purse--

today i cleaned out my purse and this is what i found:
epi pen
granola bar
emergency packets (3)
2 chapsticks
2 lip glosses
tea bag
starbucks gift card
2 pens
burts bees lip/cuticle cream
2 sets of keys
netflix & other mail
card holder
moleskin notebook
latex gloves
cpr face mask/cover
alcohol wipe
wet wipe
super large band aid
hair ties
library book - About Love and Other Stories, a collection of short stoires by Anton Chekhov

--did i mention that this is what i normally carry?  the only thing i took out was 4 receipts, and 2 old lists


two for tuesday

sometimes we just leave it for awhile
instead you exercise + chat with your roommates
instead you watch "harry potter and the half-blood prince"
instead you surf the net and blog
instead you eat little dark chocolate hershey kisses in pretty purple wrapping

due to being absent this weekend and the busy of monday - i didn't get to posting my menu -- and i haven't had time to plan other than a quick scribble -- welcome to the real world -- but i still thought i would share our rough menu for the week-- lunches right now are left overs + pb&J -- breakfast - smoothies&oatmeal--dinners:

monday - slow cooked lentil soup with kale, quinoa, and whole wheat toast
tuesday - slow cooked enchilada pie + cilantro, guacamole + chips
wednesday - whole wheat spaghetti + marinara sauce +roasted garlic, salad
thursday - pizza night
friday - baked potatoes w/ chili,  broccoli
saturday - vegetarian meatloaf, roasted parsnips + brussel sprouts, mashed sweet potatoes

leave a comment if you would like the recipes from this weeks menu



this is our house tonight
monday night movie
after dinner popcorn with brewer's yeast
burning candles
so many things to do and so little motivation at this point in the evening
maybe it counts that this morning was quite productive?

i had a great weekend in seattle with two of my best girls and my favorite troy
kellie and i riding in the car, singing at the top of lungs and drinking cinnamon dolce lattes
ferry rides, waffles, and an extraordinary view

i'll try and post some pictures tomorrow
but right now i am off to bed for some sleep time
good night!