two for tuesday

1. i have a cold - nothing life-threatening yet - but a cold -- have you ever used a netti pot?
i am becoming more comfortable with them, but today i used it and accidently blew too hard and made my ear go pop and hurt for awhile -- and even thought i knew it was 99%improbable that i had hurt my ear drum, i still made jon get a flashlight and look in my ear to make sure everything was looking lovely -- just because it made my ear hurt less -- i will still use the netti pot tomorrow and try not to blow so hard.
- polka dots and red high heels make me smile - 
i think i'll borrow kim's skirt and wear this combination again soon

2.  "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around" 

-- Leo Buscaglia

good night!


happy valentines day!

it is one of my not quite favorite days - but this year, i'm determined to love it all the way 
valentines day or not -- i definitely love my valentine

he drives me crazy every day...and i love it

awhile back we had our pictures taken by kimberly miner -- there were many lovely ones, a few of which i've already shared -- but thought i would share a few more for LoVe dAy!

and a kiss in honor of the holiday

there are more -- but i have to save a few for my "christmas cards" -- more like christmas in july cards -- which is fine because we still haven't had my side of the family christmas this year
oh -- and i can't forget my other valentine --

my little lulu -- sneaky girl yesterday morning... wanting to be close to the sunshine 

more from our weekend:

we went to our church valentines banquet 
it was quite fun -- our table won the first round of trivia and then it went downhill from there and we ended up in 4th place -- part of the problem: couldn't remember clark gable's name -- know his face but no one could remember his name -- tip of the tongue but no luck...seriously. 
oh!  there was a little photo area -- almost felt like one of our high school banquet.  sweet.

yes we did.  we did get all dressed up in pink and red.  
cheesy and totally great valentines fun.

we are staying in tonight -- at least that's the plan.
tacos & movies

happy valentines to you!


valentines tea

today kim and i had a tea party for our moms and sisters.
it was sweet and fun and full of pink and red

this weekend has been so very busy (a good busy).  tonight - right now - is the only time i have really had a moment to sit down and just relax (and i really should be in bed as it's almost midnight).  

this last week has been especially busy -- catch up after the previous week spent out of town (with no internet in case you've noticed the lack of posts) -- but we decided that it would be wonderful to invite our family over for a valentines tea party -- and it was...

all us girls

we had a lot more weekend goodness -- more pictures to come