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(check out this ny times article on their latest campaign: Beauty Might Not Be Blind, but the Casting Call Was)

for the past few years i have used Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals products.  i just love them and continue to love them even more.  i have never really been one for "make up" other than using it to liven up my "morning" look ... i don't really "play"  and i've had the same routine for the past -- forever...

i was introduced to the line when my sister-in-law started carrying it in her salon, MisBehaven.  i went to a salon event where a company rep gave me a mini make up make over and an introduction to the products and i decided i was in love.

*the products are easy to use
*possibly more or less than you usually spend, but a quality product
*long lasting
*most have an amazing rating with the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Database
*fun - i heart the kits + brushes (the cheapest way to buy brushes is through a kit - double goodness)


the reason it's on my mind is because kim and i went to a make up party at the salon on sunday evening.  we had an amazing time.  two wonderful estheticians/make up artists (kael and ciara) , a talented hair stylist (brittany), girls, pizza, and great make up made for a fabulous evening.   we cleansed, we had our make-up done, we had our hair done, we ate, we chatted, we shopped... and then kim and i left for a night out-- at wal mart (yes, we are a little lame and didn't stay out late).

i learned how to back-comb, how to put my hair in a side bun, and how to use some new bare minerals products and several make-up techniques.  fabulous.



i was so very proud of myself - because the next day, after a little trial and error, i recreated my look...
this was an unheard of feat in my book

thank you thank you Misbehaven team + our sweet hostess!

p.s.  we had so much fun we've decided to host our own party later this season - if you live near to us and our interested let me know and i'll make sure you get an invite

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