it wasn't me...

tonight lulu came into the house after some outside time and this is what she looked like...so guilty, but how can you not love her... kim and i just stood there and laughed, and then took pictures of miss lulu and her dirty nose. how do i teach my dog not to dig? it is the new outside fun time as of this last week. maybe i will have to ground her from playing outside...or does that only work with humans?

on another note... it was so hot today that we had to turn on the ac, both at work and at home. still loving meals on the patio, very relaxing, very beautiful! the messerapp household started our new work out program today...official start date for the program is sunday, but we had to try it out tonight. looking forward to bringing it!


  1. Its possible that Lulu is digging to find a cool place to lie in....especially since you say it has gotten really hot!

    Glad to see your new blog!

  2. she is so cute in a funny way... :) hopefully she can meet dani somtime. dani's been sick, she might not make it much longer. were hoping she doesn't have cancer, and just has something more treatable. waiting on some tests. have a good birthday!!!