10 things --i LOVE weekends (blog lifted from Elsie)

1. started out the weekend with grillers and zesty curly fries...begin food coma --check.
2. went to a fabulous vespers w/ friends - revolution weekend @ university church - pastor tim gillespie from loma linda.
3. woke up saturday to sunshine and monkey nut smoothies (banana peanutbutter yumminess)...who loves smoothies? we do! especially when drunk while driving to the tour of walla walla time trials and especially when trying to keep lulu from licking the empty glass - lulu loves smoothies too!
4. attended another inspiring service by pastor tim and had lunch with fabulous family and friends. homemade lasagna, garlic bread and chocolate cake w/ raspberry filling.
5. saw something new - Brett's new house! and then tried something new-- a prayer labyrinth --at the university. prayer is good for the soul and i really enjoyed the 11 guided stations.
6. headed downtown to Kimberly Miner's Gallery Show (http://www.kimberlyink.com/) at Sapolil Cellars. also saw part of the downtown bike race, they are so fast!
7. Ice-burg --need i say more...
8. first patio meals and bbq of the season .
9. freshly mowed lawn, green grass, and the precious pooches digging hole in the back yard
10. my lilacs are budding and the tulips and daffodil's are up!

ok..and i have to add another...
11. It hit 80 degrees this weekend!!!!!!

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  1. I love the pictures of the flowers. I think Spring is the best in the Northwest!
    Love, Lydia Messenger (Daniel's wife)