right now

one of my favorite designers, ali edwards, did a "right now" challenge on her blog (http://aliedwards.typepad.com/) today---so here is mine...

1. watching, or more listening since i am in and out of the room, to "failure to launch"--this is the 3rd time i have started it in the last 24 hours, hoping to finish it this time.

2. packing for montana - i got a lot done yesterday, but let's be honest, i was puttering and now i am actually moving :) push has come to shove.

3. still in my pj's, but have brushed my teeth.

4. loving my little cuddle pup, lulu, who keeps me company. i wasn't going to ever let my dog on the bed and now the little stinky thing sleeps with us every night. ridiculous, but so cute how she snuggles up next to my back, after doing a little half turn, and then tucks her nose under her paw.

5. missing my boy who has been in montana and excited to see him tomorrow night.

6. sad that i am leaving my roommates, growing garden, and large shower.

7. wondering what else i am forgetting to take.

8. missing having a laptop of my own, but thankful my parents like to share their "extra."

9. finding my second wind and ready to go get it done...

what are you doing right now?

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