10 things -- i love weekEnDs!

360. that is the number of unread posts i have sitting in my reader -- this is what happens when you don't use the internet for four days... kim says i should just hit "mark all read" ... that is cheating (also known in this case as saving valuable time), but i might on some of them...

i have been busy busy and sick, or fighting off the sick germs... thus neglecting my blog. but it's ok, because my dearest friend told me this weekend that blogs ... she put it much better than i am going to remember it... "never have people had so much to say about so little.".. or something like that.. i think she is probably right. but i told her that i give her something to do at 3am during her night shift break. and then i told her that i was "unsubscribing" her from reading my blog . but i don't really mean it, i love my friend. she is fabulous and makes me laugh. i told my husband tonight that it felt like he was with me this weekend because i was harassed so much by my dear one. friends are great. especially the ones who have known you forever and ever. that was my favorite part of my weekend trip. being with my three fabulous friends who have known me forEver -- talking about everything (i mean EveRything), not having to explain yourself because they already know, and turning to my friend, and with just one look, having her say " yes you can" because she knows exactly why i am bursting at the seams with laughter and what the next words that come out of my mouth will be.

10 things from the weekend and last week

*apples apples and more apples -- applesauce & dried apples -- yes, yes-- i did can again, and all by myself this time... i am a domestic goddess (ha!)
*kim and justin found another black widow in their bedroom -yiKes, where is that exterminator?
*got a haircut
*saw the husband for 8 hours
*hosted a party

*went to boise
*fought the sick germs -- sometimes i am winning, sometimes i am losing -- right now: winning
*did shots of fresh squeezed orange juice with cayenne pepper
*ate homemade lentil soup & english muffin bread (thanks kim), crockpot beans, and tonights curried garbanzos & tofu w/ coconut raisin rice -- delish-- legumes anyone?
*haven't really eaten sugar or dairy products since thursday (minus the costco mini brownie sample, how can you resist? and a two bites of pizza w/out most of the cheese on it) i will be well.

-- in short --
*i lOve my friends and family. i am blessed to have them in my life
*i loVe legumes
*i LoVe blogging because it allows me to digitally scrapbook&journal my random daily happenings and share them with those who aren't part of my daily life both now&future
*i lovE the fact that my mr. jon will be home for the season at the end of the weeK!

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