two for tuesday

two of my most favorite products right now:

i have been using the soap bark & chamomile deep cleansing cream since the spring when i wanted to switch to an all natural product. i just love it. the face wash helps reduce my break outs and cleans my skin while leaving it moisturized. personally, i enjoy the menthol tingle, along with the invigorating smell, however, some find it irritating versus pleasurable. the product rates a 2 on the cosmetics safety database (on a scale of 0-10, 0 being the lowest in chemicals,etc.), and retails for $8. **my bottle has lasted 3+ months

this is my MoSt fav product of the week -- less than a week actually. i took it from my friend this weekend (well--she gave it to me, i didn't steal it--as if! ... "clueless" anyone?) as it irritates her hands ( she has very sensitive skin) -- so sad for her, but oh happy day for me since it LoVEs my hands. now, i don't know how many times a day you wash your hands... but i would take a guess that i wash mine at least every 15-20 minutes at work and a couple times an hour at home -- that is roughly about 30x's every 8ish hours... then add in the cold weather, and multiple pumps of germx = dry, chapped, cracking hands that i had to deal with all last week (literally, i had 4 different cracks -- sooo sore). on sunday morning i tried this product. i have used it for the past 3 days, twice a day-- no more cracked or chapped hands!! the salve goes on kind of like an oil and will feel greasy for a couple of minutes, just keep rubbing it in, and then allow it a minute or two to settle. the farmer's friend hand salve rates at a 1 on the cosmetic safety database and retails for $9

-- other randomness --

*tonight i stopped by PInK night at misbehaven spa & salon -- it was their 4 year anniversary and also a time of giving back to the community by donating the night's proceeds to the local cancer center in honor of breast cancer awareness month -- i now have a pretty bright pink hair extension -- save the ta ta's ladies!!

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  1. I'll have to give the salve a try! My hands are destroyed right now after washing my hands so much at work and at home.