it feels like summer...finally

our week in review:

random notes:
- on saturday jon and i tried to drive to bismark to meet up with friends, we made it about 40 miles down the road and turned around...this would be because we started with a storm on either side of us and then eventually drove to about the middle of it -- this would be where the lightening was flashing and the rain was pouring down so hard that even with the wipers on full full blast we still couldn't see in front of us -- then came the hail -- that would be when we turned around.  turned out to be a good idea since we would have followed the storm all the way there and then had a different one driving back home that evening.
- peach cobbler & strawberry shortcake...don't forget the vanilla ice cream -- plus jon made biscuits and gravy too...  good to be married to someone who likes to bake...
- i've made it through 5 of my 9 books from the library
- my fingernails are stained purple from pitting cherries -- trusty pitter is in washington=purple nails
- sundays always feel like mondays in montana -- seriously
- in love with hell's kitchen, top chef, and kitchen nightmares -- late at night episode watching on hulu while i wait for jon to get back from moving bees...
-moving bees a lot right now because the farmers are spraying a lot to keep the lots of little bugs away
- it's 80 degrees and rising -- no thunderstorms in the forecast until thursday and friday
- there are two little dead birds (ewww) out by the shop that lulu just found -- i think they must be casualties of the last big storm and thought our shop looked like blue sky --whoops
-  jon just came by to drop off a forklift -- he and the boys went out to super (bee talk for put an empty box on top of a hive that will hopefully get filled with honey) and at the first location of the morning got stuck in the mud. apparently quite stuck, since it's 1 o'clock right now -- dug it out and around just in time for a friendly truck to stop and pull them out -- trusty forklift did not survive and is now spewing it's innards like a sprinkler on a hot day...  off the boys went in hopes of a better afternoon
--pretty sure all the liquidy stuff is not supposed to be visible--

- i think i might be developing carpal tunnel syndrome so i think i'll stop now...

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