to "rally"

for my birthday this year, i received an adorable mini album from a friend.  i just fell in love with it and spent some time thinking about what i wanted to use it for.  i decided that i wanted to do something similar to elizabeth kartchner's "learn&grow" album, where she inserted photos and journaling about moments where she felt she had grown or learned something.  you might remember that in january i chose one word to be my focus for the year (my word for this year is "intent") -- i wanted to loosely carry the theme in my mini album, so i decided that i would choose a word at the end of the month that i thought described the events and then add journaling and photos.  at the end of the third month, i find it amazing how i really have been able to choose one word that i felt described the period of time.

this spring-- it's been more like "spring blah" instead of "spring yeah" -- motivation and positive thinking were in short supply, which was irritating, and yes, one more thing to be irritable about...  sometimes it's easier (though not as pleasant) to get stuck in the thunder, lightening, and rain as you deal with struggles and forget about the "sunshine & rainbows"  that follow -- to keep in mind the fact that many times you have to go through the storm to see the beauty at the end of it all...
double rainbow outside our house at the beginning of june

anyways, since it's just about the end of june, this morning i was thinking about my word for the month -- the one that quickly came to mind is "regroup"  it fits perfectly.  when i looked it up, i liked the main entry even better --

Main Entry:rally
Part of Speech:verb
Definition:reorganize, unite
Synonyms:arouse, assemble, awaken, bestir, bondtogether,
bring to order, bring together, call to arms,
challenge, charge, collect, come about,
come to order, convene, counterattack,
encourage, fire, gather,
get together, inspirit, kindle, marshal,
mobilize, muster, organize,
reassemble, redouble, reform,
refresh, regroup, rejuvenate, redouble
restore, resurrect, resuscitate, revive,
round up, rouse, summon,
surge, urge, wake, waken,
whet, wreak havoc

i'll end with ---  spring wasn't all storms  -- there were lots of rays of sunshine -- i'll post the pics soon

p.s.  - this morning we woke up to cows -- a little group eating our freshly cut clover  -- jon and i put on our cowboy hats (figuratively) and herded them back towards home...

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