two for tuesday

so yesterday i had a morning moment where i was really sure --for about an hour-- that it was friday -- but it wasn't, it was only monday...

since yesterday really was monday that means today is tuesday and it's time for two good things that i have found this morning:

i haven't been sleeping well lately -- especially the last two nights -- jon and i are pretty sure that we belong on an 11-8ish sleep cycle, but it just isn't very realistic for daily life.  bummer.  therefore, i am back to creating a new, more productive sleeping time....hmmm....

this morning i ran across a few articles to share

sleep - why you need it and how to get more of it  by dr. frank lipman
- a little long but some good reminders

winter survival for your skin -- who has dry skin about this time of year?  me me me me me  - this year i am trying to do so much better  -- i don't know about the "so much" - but i am doing better - trying to form the habit of lotioning up right before bed...

two more quick tidbits:

taco night is soon approaching -- this picture is from saturday haystacks -- yum

also, i have been using my bite guard for the past week.  it is amazing in several different ways.  one -- my jaw is much much less tight in the morning -- two -- it is causing me to realize (even more) how much i clench my teeth.  excellent.  definitely worth the money, though i wondered when i was paying my dentist bill this last month.  

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