this was our driveway the other night for a few hours -- luckily it was about 20ish degrees colder than it is today --sad story that i woke up this morning and looked out my window to no more snow.  it's might have thrown me into depression, but i rallied and had homemade granola with huckleberries for breakfast.

it's december 1st -- crazy!  25 days til christmas -- send me a comment and let me know what your traditions are -- jon and i are getting ready to start some more of our own this year -- i'm liking new pj's on christmas eve and the twelve days of christmas -- it would be new for both of us

december 1 also means it's time to start my december daily book --  ali edwards kind of started the fun -- here is a link to her site where she talks about her process: december daily album

oh my -- i just looked at the clock -- time for work -- i'm late i'm late i'm late -- or soon to be if i don't get a move on it!

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