thankful moments

well, apparently october wasn't the month for blog posts-- i have been so very busy, and then trying to get extra sleep and stay well in my down time moments...we'll see how well november fairs...

fall is my favorite season. october through january are my favorite months. this fall especially, i have been soaking up the moments -- loving the "fallness" of it all. i seem to be soaking up a lot of moments lately. it is good. i tell my kids at work that november is the thankful month and we sit around and talk about the things we are thankful for -- moms, christmas, food, toys...
i am thankful for so many things in my life. my family. my mom, my dad, sisters and brother. my family by marriage -- mom, dad, sisters, brothers, niece and nephew. my roommates. our precious puppies who come sleep next to us and give wet nose kisses in the morning. tea. health. photographs. food & warmth. friends. my job. cooking dinner at night. candles burning. my husband... and so much more... take a moment to be thankful tonight, let's not take it for granted.

story time:
tonight we were having messerapp family time and watching CSI -- i asked mr. jon if he would bring me my water bottle from the kitchen-- he brought it-- empty. i gave him the "look" -- he disappeared into the kitchen and came back a minute later with my water bottle -- gave it to me with about a 1/4 cup of liquid in it. I give him the "look" again and set the bottle beside me...a few minutes later -- he says "aren't you going to drink your water i brought you" -- the "look" again. another minute goes by -- jon takes my water bottle, opens it -- i say " don't drink out of my bottle" with the "look" --without touching it, he dribbles liquid into his mouth -- not water, but MiLk! uck.
-- to understand this funny of this story you must understand how much i detest milk. -- i say " you contaminated my water bottle" and give him the "look" -- my nice husband chuckles, then goes to the kitchen and brings me back a new, full of water, water bottle.

we had a harvest party last saturday night -- it was great fun -- oh, and take a look at my new piece of red dining room furniture -- that was my project last week!

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