just another tuesday night


bought birthday presents
had our carpets cleaned -- he left andes mints, spot cleaner, and personally signed card thanking us for our business...plus really clean carpets-- can we say fabulous
accomplished one or two more things on my list

kim ate a yellow peep, i ate a yellow peep.  kim didn't finish hers -- quote: "never had a peep before, never having a peep again"

came home with a headache -- kim had a headache too  (yuck, hers is more a migraine)

called for take out from our favorite thai place (owned and ran by a husband and wife in a space that's about the size of my living room and dining room) at six -- he said "nope can't do it" -- gonna be over an hour -- i said sure, we want it in an hour anyway -- he said -- call back at seven.  kim and i eat easter candy.  seven on the dot, i call back -- i say '"can you take a take out order now" -- he tells me to give him the order -- he's going to be overwhelmed but he'll take it -- he'll call me when it's ready.  kim and i eat more easter candy and some sun chips.  7:45 it's ready-  8:00 -- we can eat!  the wife, she's the cook, even sent us a few egg rolls as a thank you for waiting so long -- it was worth it, even without the tasty egg rolls -- i've never had thai food that i love as much as hers.

drinking tea, watching grey's with the roommates, and almost ready for bed.  so tired this week and fighting a cold.  tomorrow is wednesday.  almost thursday -- jon comes back home.  almost friday -- the beginning of a weekend with no plans but to vegetate.

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