easter easter

the bags i carried today, plus the water bottle, plus another book bag --ridiculous--

the weekend was good.  busy.  very busy.  but good.  i am tired.  can it be friday again?

this friday:

i bought plants
i planted plants -- here are some of my planters getting a spring cleaning 

we had the first bbq of the season?-- at least i think it was the first-- maybe the second?? --first--

amy brought cheesecake -- oreo cookie crust -- delicous... when trying to put it in the fridge, i didn't realize that it wasn't clamped, thus dumping it on the floor...landing upside down of course-- sad story

we also went to see the clash of the titans -- in 3D -- 


happy easter morning!
we hosted brunch at our house for all of our family -- i think we had 26 people altogether 

blueberry cornmeal pancakes with mixed berry sauce
raisin bran, banana, and morning glory muffins
tator tots
chile egg casserole
fresh sliced pineapple, oranges, and crisp purple grapes
apple cider, coffee, and hot drinks
 lots of easter candy

it was very windy outside -- gusts up to 44 mph
jon thought it was a great time to go fly a kite

late afternoon we drove to see kellie and celebrate her birthday
with delicious thai food 
i like these girls a lot

jon and i ended our night by playing catch up with our favorites - private practice and grey's anatomy
it was a good night

this morning came too early
jon off to california
me to a dr.'s appointment
i had to get an x-ray of my foot
i get to go to the podiatrist at the end of the month

hope your easter weekend was fantastic!

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