10 things--i love weekends!

1.  a weekend with no plans is the best kind
2. friday night burger, fries, and onion rings --because my roommate loves me -- for dinner.  tradition is good.
3. pooches in the back -- bridger is not a fan of riding outside -- poor boy was not as excited as lulu --

4. running to watch the sunset at my favorite spot in town --

5. went to vespers to hear the a cappella group Rescue
6.slept in -- or at least jon did -- had lunch with the parents -- walked lulu downtown and met some new friends -- she (lulu) did... she meets new friends all the time --this time she met ali walker -- a local photographer who was taking pictures of feast walla walla -- and also some of lulu... i don't know if she was able to get a good shot as all miss lulu was interested in doing was trying talking to her...to see if she could get a pet or two...  -- i didn't get any pictures on our walk -- but ali, who takes beautiful photos, put some up on her blog - check it out! (and if you do... we sat right in front of that sign for walla walla wine works and listened to the great live music that was playing while drinking our favorite san pellegrino limonata)

7. watched cute comedy with husband -- who is home for a bit! -- management
8. laundry, cleaning, menu planning, grocery shopping, exercising, eating 
9. lots of cooking today -- because on saturday -- while jon was sleeping in -- i was able to read and browse through my books...

loving the kind diet -- even more than i did a few months ago -- read through it again saturday...i just love the way alicia writes- she makes me laugh, plus, all the recipes i have tried have been delicious so far.  this afternoon i made "moms granola" -- i am on a granola kick right now -- oh yum!

you can also catch alicia at her blog: the kind life

my other favorite cookbook of the moment is flying apron's gluten-free and vegan baking book.
today i made the lentil dahl soup to have for lunches this week -- i really loved it -- but i also love curry...  i also tried her house bread -- i think i am going to have to try it again, as it was overbaked, though still edible, just a little crusty -- i think i formed it too long and narrow...  we'll see...  sometime, soon hopefully, when i am seattle -- i will stop by and visit the flying apron and try the goodies for "real"

10.  catching up on blogging and project 365 --

so good -- so hard not too eat too many...

the bag is home to stay for a bit...and the husband too!

hope your weekend was lovely too!

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