it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

finally -- usually this is up the day after thanksgiving -- can't miss out on a day of the christmas season...which for me, is the day after thanksgiving til new years day --- none of this beginning christmas after halloween for me.  i love thanksgiving.  it always gets the short end of the stick since it's only really lucrative for the turkey farmers and the tofurky people -- (although this year i bought a field roast celebration loaf -- vegan deliciousness -- i love tofurky too, but they were out when i went shopping).  even though starbucks brings out their holiday lattes at the beginning of november -- i don't have one until the morning of black friday -- it makes my shopping experience even better -- 

anyways -- so we put up christmas tonight -- we trekked out to the shop and gathered the boxes and bags of christmas decorations.  i don't know what i'll do when i don't have kim -- it really is a two person job i've decided -- or else your exercise for the day.  first we listen to christmas music, then we watch "the grinch"while decorating --it's tradition.

this is only part of it

now it's all warm and cozy and lit...
and way past my bed time

p.s.  interesting story #3 -- it's 5am -- walking out to your car when confronted by a lady asking you if you live in your house.  she's just making sure you aren't a burglar casing houses in the wee hours of the morning as your neighbors house was burglarized over the weekend.
she is doing neighborhood watch and is concerned for her neighbors --you are now aware of the increase in crime rate in the neighborhood -- she's lucky that you don't think that she was taking a look at your house in the wee hours of the morning -- or was she??  sad how hard it is to trust folks these days isn't it -- but that's a whole other post...

p.s.s  i live with three big dogs

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