how the story goes...

it goes like this...

when jon is home i don't really blog.  there are a lot of things i don't do when jon is home that i do do when he is gone.  blogging is one of them.  it is either that he demands all of my free time or he demands the computer, or it could really be just that we do other things --- also i go to bed earlier because i can't sit in bed with the computer on for hours when he is trying to go to sleep -- this is because i don't like it when he is on the computer and i am trying to sleep. phew.  glad we got that covered.

so i realized (again) today that i just haven't been on the pictures --- really since summer -- and here it is almost summer again.

i also worked on my december daily book today -- yes,  i am aware that it is march.  and no, it isn't done, but it is close.  that should tell you about how much scrapbooking i have been doing lately.

so the real question is just what have i been doing?  well, i think i have been hibernating and when not hibernating i think i have been at work with possibly a weekend or two of travel...  so while i can't really think of any "thing" that i have been doing, i know that it has been good.  and that's what counts right?

p.s.  how did it get to be march already?

today i spent most of the day hibernating in my sweats and sweatshirt -- then i spiffy'd up a bit and went out on the town -- well to town that is -- to senior recognition and a birthday party to be exact.  now i am back to the sweats again.

the family at senior recognition

at the birthday party

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