today i'm thankful for my mom who lets me come over at midnight, talks to me into the wee hours of the morning and feeds me chocolate chip cookies, pretzels and tea at 1am.  who hugs me tight and lets me sneak off with yet another one of her cookbooks - to add to the other 13 that i already have at home.
today i'm thankful for a puppy who won't stay kicked off the bed because she wants to snuggle even after she steps on my stomach with all of her 55 pounds and makes me think i may not have my innards in tact still.

today i'm thankful for coffee - which makes 4.5 hours of sleep much more enjoyable.

hello wednesday.  i'm ready for you.

love you momma.  so much.


  1. I love you too beautiful girl!!

  2. That is a beautiful picture of your mom, her whole face is radiantly smiling, love it!