10 things --i love weekends & two for tuesday

catch up day ...

10 things -- i love weekends, especially long long weekends that have holidays, shopping days, birthdays and road trips -- no wonder i've been a little sleepy

1. spokane -- i have missed you -- so good to see riverside square
2. olive garden -- it was a hit with grandma - absolutely amazing that she loved her food!
3. giant poinsettia's
4. decorating for christmas with the roomies
5. the grinch - first christmas movie of the year, loves it!
6. lots and lots of white, twinkling lights
7. family birthday parties for sisters who turn 21
8. vitamin C gummies from costco
9. cinnamon pinecones
10. candle parties with fabulous friends!

two for tuesday --

1. "overboard" -- i have never seen it and it is hilarious -- old school with kurt & goldie
2. dark hot chocolate with smarshmallows (one of my kids from last year calls marshmallows, "smarshmallows" it has definitely stuck with me)

right now

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