right now + sharing

right now:

ignoring that i am an hour past when i was supposed to hop in the shower
knowing it's 28 degrees feeling like 20 outside
anticipating tonight's scrapbooking activities
excited to read the new vegetarian times and plan some great meals
thinking of making burger loaf for lunch tomorrow
missing mr. jon
reading (scanning some) the posts in my reader box
feeling my cold feet
watching the puppies laze around and lulu stand in the christmas tree
deciding on christmas cards, letters, nothing, etc.... too many options

sharing fun-ness found this morning while i was supposed to be doing other productive things:

oh elsie, i wish i was this brave...

holiday book ideas from elise -- how you inspire me!

joy! -- you bring our tummies such joy!

on my wish list: "i'm dreaming of a green christmas" by anna gettyside note: one of my favorites was hired to do the crafts+decor for the book launch

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