it might have been a productive day...


i accomplished almost all the items that were on my to-do list -- the two that i have left might still get done before i go to bed.

in case you haven't noticed, we are really enjoying the holiday season over at our house. i love coming home to all the cozy.

thursday nights are pizza night -- tonight we ordered from a local chain... lots of red garlic sauce, half pineapple and half mushroom... and of course, a big bowl of salad with homemade ranch. after a year of making homemade salad dressings, i have been ruined on anything bottled. it is so easy. just buy a shaker jar, or two... and find one or two recipes you can't live with out. for us, it is mom's ranch recipe and a basic italian that we make from better homes & gardens cookbook -- which is one of my top "go to" cookbooks for all your basic cooking needs...

tonight we are choosing recipes for our bake day this weekend. there are millions of delicious looking recipes out there... i think i will make some of these

peppermint marshmallows

mudslide cookies

gingerbread pinwheels

peppermint topped brownies

tomorrow is friday -- the weekend is looking nice, full of scrapbooking, baking, and christmas projects!

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  1. I think if I lived near you I would weigh 200 pounds from all the goodies you make. :-) Happy baking!