10 things--i love weekends!

*burger loaf -- yum
*scrapbooking --almost done with my fall book-working on my december daily
*parade of lights downtown -- fun&maybe a little chilly, just a bit
*brights candy caramel corn and cheese corn, oh my goodness!
*walmart on a saturday night--could we be anymore distracted...
*annual bake day -- rise&bake -- for 13 hrs... i lost count of how many "samples" i had
*annual watching of "white christmas" at annual bake day
*below 20 degree's weather -- wow, it's really warm outside!
*cleaning the bedroom and doing laundry,disinfecting counter tops and scrubbing the kitchen
*burger loaf leftovers -- still yum

1 comment:

  1. I love your new backdrop! I think I need to change mine over. We'll be in Walla Walla this weekend and then have decided to be at our house for Christmas. Sounds like you are really geared up for the holiday and would you please come to my house and do my decorating? ;-) Happy holiday and baking!! Love, Rachel