crisp air + crisp rice

this morning felt a little chilly
perfect opportunity to wear a hat+sweatshirt
in an effort to still retain some summer
flip flops+cold cereal were in order
rice krispies to be exact
i like them the best in the form of rice krispy treats
those are not a safe breakfast option
except on a holiday, which i guess it is today...
i ate two bowls of rice krispies for breakfast today
(yesterday i had two bowls of coco krispies for snack)

we are laboring today on the labor day
must take the honey off while the sun shines
this week is most likely our last week of 80 degree weather
almost good bye summer
are you making the most of these last sunshine-y days?
for more ideas on embracing the last bit: click here

p.s.  found this little goodie when i went to take my picture this morning
my funny little brother with his bee-stung eye
makes me smile big

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