when we eat out in the summer...

**warning -- the following has absolutely nothing to do with healthy food - unless you count the delicious factor (which you may not believe unless you tried it as it doesn't really seem appealing in the pictures)...**  

...it looks something like this:

tuesday is tomato soup day at the cafe
jon orders it with two grilled cheese, i order it with egg salad (and a few potato chips for crunch)
the picture is not a lovely one and the plate doesn't come fancy
we love the soup - it's creamy, full fat, homemade yum that i'm glad i don't have access to most of the year 

dinner salad at the bar
(yes, we eat out at the bar back here-- it's just about the only place you go for dinner and they are family friendly)
now i consider this particular salad to basically be junk food
 my-oh-my do i love it

 shredded ice berg lettuce, chopped onion, tomato and cheese with crushed saltine crackers
ranch dressing
(jon adds thousand island too)
(the boys get it with chicken -- you can get it grilled or "****" style (little fried pieces) -- it really does say that on the menu too -- i still blink (or maybe suppress a laugh) every time hear it ordered that way

see that big white bottle of ranch
that's how it comes back here
they don't ask you if you want it
they just bring it to you
in a squeeze bottle
to eat with everything

oh yes, it is very dangerous

nobody does ranch dressing like montana 
- except maybe jode's homemade -

these are my vegetarian options (almost always) back here (within an 1-3 hour radius) - with the addition of a baked potato or grilled cheese, and sometimes pizza 
 (there is a mexican place 90 minutes away that is delicious when we get over there)
there is always 

ranch dressing
ice cream 
(and potatoes- deep fried any way you can think of...but that's a whole other post)

who really needs anything else to eat in the summer?

don't answer that
-and if you do-
--remember i really like to cook--

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