cupcake wars audition tape

let yourself smile for five minutes while watching this little cutie - then go find a cupcake!

Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcake Wars Audition from Collin Kartchner on Vimeo.

p.s.  one day i am going to drive to utah so i can have a photo/video shoot with collin kartchner -- i'm thinking maybe next year might be good...  you can also see more of his work at: collinkartchnerstudios

p.s.s.  we're off to celebrate still loving each other (and even liking each other most days) for 5 years and counting -- happy weekend -- you celebrate too!  - - not our marriage silly -- well i guess you could -- but i was thinking more along the lines of it's the weekend...eating cupcakes...enjoying the last bits of summer... ok.  off with you...  off with me...

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