the other day i walked into the trailer after being gone for a bit
 -- this is what i saw --
...she let me take the picture- didn't even move- which almost never happens...

our dear little lulu

she's such a spoiled dog 
i held strong the first month and she didn't get on the bed
then one day jon let her up on the bed for snuggle

now the snuggles happen on a daily basis
---and i change my sheets a few times a week---
(which is really ok because clean sheets smell and feel so good)


lulu likes to do things in 3's
one of those things is going to the vet
(i kid you not - seriously this is the 3rd set of 3's)

last month she greeted our new county vet with a yeast infection/uti
(it was his first week on the job - fresh out of school)

last weekend we took her for a walk on saturday 
apparently she didn't like that too well cause she went didn't want to get up the next day
two days later we thought all was well
wake up thursday morning and she is totally lame on her back left leg
call the vet (but he was out with the cows)
friday morning to the vet - but on the mend 
arthritis maybe?

tuesday at lunch
pet lulu
feel bumps (or lumps) all over her left side in various sizes and some on her right
call vet (but he's out with the cows again)
call another vet about an hour away
drive an hour
visit vet
lulu has hives
lulu is allergic to something (who knows) 
or was bit by something
(jon found a dead spider in her bed last night?)
lulu gets a shot
lulu gets a prescription for steriods (two weeks)
lulu gets her ear checked too
lulu gets another prescription (ear goop)
lulu gets a treat
lulu goes home

lulu on steroids
drinking water every two minutes
peeing a bucket every two hours
luckily this time she's not mad starving trying to take apart the stove to get to one little biscuit between the appliance and the wall (hello prednisone)

that was three.
we should be done now.
thank goodness

(last time this happened to the tune of $600, this time we are happily settling for $75)

don't worry though...
this "little girl"
(our lu-lee belle)
---also known to respond to "lulu stinky butt"--- 
she's priceless for sure

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