i will miss this...

our garden is starting to produce-- radishes and lettuce, tomatoes on the way, mini eggplants, and yellow squash...
i am loading up the truck this afternoon so we are ready to leave for home early tomorrow morning. boo --

p.s. we had a great time in big timber -- i would post pics, but jon took the camera. saw michael keaton and tom brokaw's ranch (from the road of course), drove through fabulous back country roads on the way to livingston -- saw natural bridge falls, ate at the pickle barrel, stayed and ate wonderful food at the grand hotel, and brought back a wonderful box of peaches from our niece, melysa's orchard-- been eating them all week, so good!

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  1. What are you going to do with all that produce that's just getting started and you're leaving?!? So sad... :-( Are you teaching again this year? When does school start? I got your adorable anniversary card and thank you so much! It was very sweet of you. :-) Have a safe trip home!