who's ready for a party?

this morning as i was looking through some of my favorite design blogs, it seemed that the universe was trying to tell me something... yes, one would hope that the universe would convey a deep, illuminating message... however, i am afraid that this was as deep as it got "make a fabric banner" -- that's it...oh and the fact that almost all of the blogs i looked at today had uber cute banners in them. imagine that. what's a girl to do? well, this girl got off her duff and went to the local fabric store. i wasn't sure i was going to be able to find fabric, and then, the universe spoke again - "look to the east" now, this could mean many enlightening things, but i think this time it meant the front of the store, because that is where i found this fabulous fabric that met all of my needs: bright, cheerful, favorite colors, lovely pattern, several different prints that all coordinate - hooray!

my afternoon was spent making this beauty and watching "mamma mia" -- with the song lyrics on -- good thing i was the only one in the trailer. such fun. i am so excited to hang my banner on my porch, i am pretty sure it will look even better than it did hanging in the trailer.

mmm... wait. is that the universe i hear again? ---what did you say? --- what a grand thought - yes, i think i will have to host an ice cream social. i'll leave you with with the song of the afternoon:

p.s. this has been cooking while the banner making was happening. so easy, though not on the super healthy side, leave a comment if you want the recipe. yum, so ready for
dinner time!! (however, currently being highly entertained by "bridget jones diary"

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