10 things--i love weekends! --and cupcakes--

1. cupcakes - mike and i made frosted chocolate buttermilk cupcakes - so good, so easy, and almost too healthy to be called a cupcake

2. more cupcakes - jon and i made sprinkles strawberry cupcakes - also so very delicious

3. even more cupcakes --- blackberry lime cupcakes --- they look divine and sound like summer

4. scrapbooking -- i did a lot of it this weekend - and i finally got to my small blank envelope book - it is put together and waiting to be filled -- will post when finished

5. trace adkins - next saturday jon and i will be front & center at his concert...so excited!!

6. montana fair - where we will be before the concert. the state's largest fair held in billings, mt
7. my precious puppy -- in what jon and i like to call her "angel mode"

8. "jolly by golly" -- i am so ready to make my december daily book! -- i had some fabulous moments on the internet this weekend looking at christmas paper, decor, and other holiday fun
9. i covet these lovelies from anthropologie
10. pictures -- so much fun to look back and relive happy moments - like our coast trip

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