the sun will come out tomorrow...

...well, we are hoping the sun will come out tomorrow -- after almost a full day of rain, clouds, and a little thunder. i woke up this morning to the rain come pouring down, so the previously planned to-do list was thrown out the window and in entered the "rainy day" plan... it has worked out well so far...
-wear comfy clothes and jon's big pair of fluffy wool socks
-start bread in bread machine
-start chili in crock pot - i discovered an easy and tasty recipe this summer - i changed a few things - 1 can vegeburger instead of beef, red pepper vs. green, and add 1 can tomato sauce
-scrapbook for a bit
- take pictures of hardworking boys washing barrels in pouring rain (with a good attitude!)
- catch lulu napping on the pillows --but she looks so cute -- take pic instead of moving her
-"watch"(i put it in quotations because really it is just noise that i glance at on occasion) - "center stage: turn it up" for the 4th? time while making tomato chowder for lunch
- work on lesson plans
-work on lesson plans some more, but get side tracked by...
-watching "annie" for the 1st time - -might have made my top 20 - love it, so cute
-do some dishes, make some cornbread, blog a little...better get back to the lesson plans...

p.s. shh... i have avoided exercising today, and eaten a few too many of the raw chocolate macaroons my mom made for my brother (at least they are fairly healthy)---also, i think that i am going to eat my new favorite ice cream tonight (not healthy) schwans dark sweet cherry -- it's pretty much divine and the trailer is on its 2nd carton this week ---opps... it better not be a rainy day tomorrow so i can go for a run...

these lovelies are our current neighbors

lulu meets the grasshopper -- this is from last friday

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