blueberry banana bread and blogging

some mornings i don't get much done...
...like this morning. i had great plans of productivity for the day, and a mile long to-do list, but then i opened my computer and was reminded of the blog i was reading last night until i couldn't keep my eyes open any longer, so on i continued with the reading this morning -- and now it is almost afternoon and here i am blogging on my own blog...

however, this morning i will excuse myself from a lack of productivity due to the fact that the blog i was reading is by an amazing lady who goes by "nie" -- nie is the mother of four beautiful children, she is creative, takes fabulous photographs, and loves to cook. her and her husband survived a plane crash a year ago, however they were both badly burned. i am so inspired by nie's honesty and ability to share her experience, and as liz k. says "she not only survived but thrives and inspires" - or in stephanie's own words as she thought about her life one evening "And then I smiled. It was still perfect. I was alive and happy. Sure I miss the almost perfect life I once had. But right now, this is perfect too."

You can find her blog here at nieniedialogues

in other quick randomness
*had a wonderful time at the lake and retreating with coworkers -- more about that to come
*made some healthy and delicious banana blueberry pecan bread (message me if you want the recipe, it is really great for breakfast, high protein, low sugar yumminess) last night, had some for breakfast this morning, then had some more (with peanut butter this time), then had some more again -- kim better get home and eat some or it might be all gone.
*thinking it is past time to jump in the shower
*kim found a black widow spider in her bed this weekend while i was gone (exterminator is on speed dial), a mouse moved into the furnace closet and is growing fat on puppy food (traps to be set tonight), and the dogs are in barking mode at all things (apparently puppy class still needs a little time to work) i don't think i should leave kim home alone on the weekends anymore -- who knows what will happen next...
*i miss this boy..

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  1. I haven't read your blog in a bit, so just catching up! Sounds like you've been crazy busy and I hope you are getting some sleep now.
    It's so hard to sleep when our hubbies are away isn't it? I love how talented you are with decorating, baking, crafting and all the other great things you do. I'm sure you'll have a show on Food Network or HGTV someday!
    Take care and have a great weekend!!