sleepy time--pleaze...

well, actually it is way past sleepy time, however, i seem to be in a rut of staying up too late at night. it is driving me crazy and i must, i must, get back to my regularly scheduled sleep cycle. tonight i set out my first mouse traps. how exciting. 4 sneaky traps with smelly cheese whiz on top...come on over mr. mouse. -- really you don't want to get fat off of our puppy food -- those pooches are quite protective of their chow.

last night kim and i sent summer off with grilled tempeh reuben sandwiches and summer corn salad. the puppies watched as we cooked and hoped for crumbs. we sat out on the porch and ate -- with the lights glowing above us. we love our porch. oh, and dinner was scrumptious.

today was...

*early to rise - 5:30 & pumpkin spice lattes to help kim and i on our quick road trip (why am i not asleep again??)
*garbanzo sandwich spread on rye bread and fresh carrot celery apple juice for lunch
*a day of craZy kids at work -- i think they were making up for being so good yesterday
*sOre muScLes that remind me of how ThAnKfuL i am for a healthy body
*anticipation of a weekend picnic in the park to say "so long summer" and relax with fRiEnds
*not as high on the productivity scale as i would have liked -- tomorrow is another day
*planning the weekend canning adventure with my mom - i love her
*posting pictures from the weekend at the lake and kim and i's last day of summer supper
*the 1st day of my favorite season - i lOvE FALL!

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