wednesday wonders

* beginning puppy class again --kim and i took the pooches to the first of our seven week class
*a clean kitchen -- after having it torn apart and full of paint cans -- so nice to be able to cook again!
*a bright kitchen -- just loving the new look
*fudgesicles and hot dogs
*my new lil' class -- i have about 18 new kindergartners and only a handful of 1st graders who were with my this last year, they look so little compared to last years class-- right now they are all trying to master the monkey bars.
*my new urban compost tumbler -- so excited to begin using it!!
*watching old movies -- just finished "the babysitters club," watching "chitty chitty bang bang" right now, and this weekend jon and i watched "little women" and "interview with the vampire" -- if you are wondering where that choice came from, i couldn't tell you, however, both of us remembered what was in the movie differently than what actually is -- apparently the older you get the more you notice -- like how young brad pitt and tom cruise look, not too mention kristen dunst in her early teens...
*a great book that i finished this last week: "encyclopedia of an ordinary life" -- kim and i are taking a scrap booking class based on this book. what a funny and delightful read!
*pumpkin spice lattes
*fresh home magazine - brand new home fabulousness that i found today at walmart
*my husband -- i found this picture from a few weeks ago - we took it at the natural bridge falls in livingston, mt -- he is so good at timing his crazy faces for when i snap the picture :)

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  1. Sounds like you guys have been busy! Glad you're back in Walla Walla and hopefully we can get together sometime. Love the picture of you and Jon - he does have a knack for timing those funny faces. ;-) Take care!