is it my birthday yet?

can i request these please... allyie softie pump by frye

i am tired... somewhere or sometime during this afternoon i think i lost all energy, which would be why i am in bed right now and going to sleep as soon as i post this...

tonight i attended misbehaven spa & salon 's Bare Minerals Event. it was great fun and really hit the spot after a long day of work. when i arrived for my appointment i was treated to a paraffin wax hand treatment, a chair massage, a facial skin analysis, and then had my make up done by a bare escentuals make up artist visiting from seattle. lovely. oh, and did i mention that it is my fabulous sister-in-law who owns the salon? ... she is amazing.

i made these delicious cupcakes for my sweet boss's birthday yesterday.
german chocolate with a creamy chocolate frosted edge and coconut center

tomorrow morning i am going apple picking -- i love fall!

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