mr. jon

dear mr. jon.
i miss you.
there is no one around to harass me like you do.
there is only 1% milk in our fridge.
i made banana blueberry bread --with pecans.
the grey's season premiere just wasn't the same without you making suspense noises during the commercials, what was i thinking?
there is only a fourth of the usual amount of laundry to do.
lulu needs a bath.
i loaded the back of the truck & tied it down, ran the bbq, and set the mouse traps for mr. mouse --then threw him away the next morning.
we had black beans for dinner on thursday night. not a pinto bean in sight.
the bedroom was 79 degrees the other night -- i slept with the covers on.
i've been taking a lot of pictures, and there are no random 5 snaps in a row of upside down, sideways ridiculousness
everyday i spill water on myself while drinking from my water bottle, but no one else laughs out loud and makes fun of me.

so glad you will be home soon -- lulu might be getting pretty stinky and i am getting tired of being quite so capable..

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