it's the weekend...almost

it's friday morning, and a cloudy, windy, almost rainy one at that... we are supposed to get t-storms this afternoon, so i don't see the weather improving. jon and i talked this morning about putting the heating blanket on the bed tonight -- yes, i am aware that it is summer, but you try sleeping with lulu --she takes all the covers--and it gets cold at night right now.
the boys are extracting like mad, we have a truck coming in to be loaded up with barrels of honey on monday. csi is still ruling the night, however, how i met your mother is the current champion of lunch time drama. i have been checking more projects off my list and beginning to get that crazy feeling that it is almost time to go home, might have something do with the fact that it is almost time - 3 weeks! i'd better get with it...even more... but for now, it is almost the weekend and i am plotting good things:

*hot dogs & jode's macaroni salad
*sleeping in - or at least pretending to after i wake up at 6:45
*breakfast burritos with hot tator tots
*watching my "christy" series while lounging in bed
*homemade lasagna
*walking lulu around the lake with jon
*possible bike ride or town exploration if the weather is nice
*making these delicious looking frosted chocolate buttermilk cupcakes - yum

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