it was a good day.
restful but busy---somehow sabbath can be both i think
we had pumpkin spice pancakes for breakfast.
cottage cheese loaf, mashed potatoes, and salad for lunch 
--and let's not forget the homemade pies (triple berry and apple) amy and chris brought for dessert--
**did we mention how thankful we are for friends who bake pies and share them?**

last month we listened to a sermon (begins at the 10 minute mark -- about 30 mins. long) by pastor alex bryan on community -- and eating -- and the importance of time spent together at the table, eating and fellowshipping, and how Jesus spent a lot of time eating and fellowshipping...  reaching out to those around and coming together-- and what a difference it can make in our world and in our church 
(or at least that is what we all got out of it).  
our household has really taken to the idea of "community" the past few weeks, and i think we are pretty happy with the results -- we are in the "baby steps" stage right now... today there were 11 of us for lunch
--all of whom we already know (which is good too) -- as we progress i am sure we will be enjoying all sorts of new and interesting people at our dining room table.  
we did enjoy our church community tonight, and lots of folks that we don't know --
whom we were able to get to know better by attending the annual church barn party.
at first we weren't to sure about it, but then came the popcorn and carmel apples, and next came the "dosey doe'ing" -- and really...how can you not have a lot of community (and fun) when you are promenading in a circle with half the congregation?

before the barn party - we had a little park party 
it consisted of the girls riding the bikes and the boys long boarding

at the barn party - excellent picture i know...

dosey doe'ing fun

everyone has their own idea of what the word "community" means 
i wouldn't say that i haven't previous enjoyed community - or that i am unfriendly or non-participatory... however, i think we are all trying it with a little bit more intent (my word for the year :) )
doing things like going to an all alumni potluck at our reunion, changing my schedule at work so that all my kiddos can eat snack together, joining a volleyball group and a book club or two, eating meals together whenever possible (and at the table versus in front of our tv),volunteer options,  asking folks if they need a ride or giving a ride to someone who you would usually pass by, attending events you normally wouldn't and intentionally trying to talk with and meet new people.  
it's so easy to stay in my comfort zone and interact with those in my circle.  

intentionally being:
more friendly
more loving
more helpful
more smiley
more eye contact
a better listener
more hello's
more inclusive
less exclusive
less selfish
more giving

right now:  kim is sleeping - she has to study all day tomorrow for her test on monday, jon is driving to montana, and the rest of us are watching "how to train your dragon" 
 we had pizza delivered tonight -- it was my first experience of pineapple and jalapeno's together --
 pretty good, though a little spicy for me -- my tongue might still be burning.

hope your day was amazing too...what did you do?

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