to be 100

a few days ago i ran across this feature by the new york times.  i couldn't get to it right away, so i bookmarked it until i found the time.  it is mini interviews with eight people who have lived to see 100 years and beyond.  the photography is beautiful and the few minutes of sharing from one who has done so much living is priceless.

take a minute to view:

secrets of the centenarians

my wednesday was full of many happy things, maybe a few not so happy, but i am only going to think about the happy ones -- now i am tired and ready to climb in bed with a good book -- but instead i am going to happily go do the dinner dishes and change the sheets on my bed -- because i had a nice, warm, delicious dinner and i have a nice, warm, comfy bed to sleep in tonight.


the panda express opened on monday night -- the drive thru line was very very long
i drove by there again tonight on my way home and it wasn't any shorter. 

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  1. I think you are very special and i'm so glad you let me call you a best friend. :) I'm so blessed with wonderful strong and lasting friendships with my best ladies. xoxoxo