open tabs

most of the time, when jon uses the computer, he usually utters some sort of complaint about the ridiculous number of internet browser windows and tabs that i have open -- right now i have 8 windows and 18 tabs open to various sites...

i thought i would share a few:

the womens conference:  i have had this one open all week and have been surfing around the site here and there when i have a free minute.  i would love to attend this conference -- just because -- luckily, due to technology, i can, via posted videos (and free of charge) -- but still -- i would love to actually go to the conference some day...

fall wreath tutorial by elise:  kim and i made two of these for valentines day a couple years ago -- it is fun and elise's is adorable-- so adorable i might have to make another one.

emersonmade:  i. LOVE. everything. period. -- plus, their site is witty and cute, and just fantastic.
this is emerson made -- a husband and wife -- they are beyond adorable-- not to mention gorgeous

just love this necklace -- and the chicken too

hope you have a fan-diddily-tastic weekend.

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