jordan + ben -- the wedding

it may have been a torrential downpour right before she walked down the aisle, but the day was perfect as my beautiful little sister married her best friend.  all the pieces came together, and while none of us had asked for the rain, thunder, and lightening -- we embraced it and enjoyed it -- for which it thanked us with two hours of clear and sunny weather during the reception -- and a rainbow too.  

these are my pictures----however, andrew, a cousin on jon's side, was able to photograph the wedding and has posted a sneak peak picture on his blog: transformed photography  -- check it out!

sadly, i didn't get many other pictures -- but others did, so jordan and ben will have many pictures... 
i was busy-- doing fun things like putting up the "dessert" sign before the wedding:

it was a very good day.

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  1. Looks like a great day and great pictures! So glad you're back to blogging and looking forward to reading many entries. =)