finding the words again...

i've missed my blog -- maybe you've missed it too.  i was looking at the date of my last post and realized it had been longer than i thought -- almost three months.

august was a burst of busy after july's slow pace.  jon's sister, julie, two of my favorite girls, and my parents all came to visit us in montana -- then it was time for me to pack up for home and back to work -- the end of the month through september 20th is a blur of back to work business and wedding preparations.

a friend asked me the other day if i was still blogging...i said i was just about ready to get back to it...i just haven't had the words for the past while.  she replied that that was good and must mean i was about "back to normal" and recovered from the craziness of september -- that about sums it up for how things are going around here now.  the past five months -- and especially the last three -- have been a lot of busy (repeat: a lot of busy) and a lot of just dealing with "stuff" -- you know what i'm talking about -- the stuff of life that cycles in and out and all about -- that you have to sort through and clean up -- the kind that isn't yucky stuff,  it's just mostly little stuff scattered around that you have to pick up and decide what to do with it -- and maybe a few pieces of big stuff that requires a little more effort -- some times it takes some of us a little longer --especially if you like to do a lot of thinking while you are sorting through your stuff -- or take a lot of breaks for dairy queen mini blizzards or trips to the library...

so far october has mostly been about relaxing and getting back to the usual routine -- sort of... maybe more like the usual routine plus some tweaks...the good kind

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